Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Never Wear A Suit And Tie When Junking For Antiques: Imagining Mitt Romney At The Brimfield Flea Market

Who Would Handle The Brimfield Flea Market Better: Obama Or Romney?  

Now that the election is over, I can breath a sign of relief and return to the road antiquing without having to worry about  unseating our current president. Thank goodness I will not have to hear about another guy who is clothed in an expensive suit and tie claiming he can be president because he knows how to run a business.

Setting Mitt Romney Loose In Brimfield

If we really wanted to test the real business savvy of Mitt we should have given him two hundred bucks and set them loose in the Brimfield Flea Market for twenty minutes with the goal of returning with the most bang for his buck.

Sloshing Around The Brimfield Market Without An Entourage

And if we wanted to challenge  his endurance, I would have sent him during one of those very hot summer days without a shopping cart, paid helper or entourage. Or we might send Mitt after a torrential rain storm when the fields are somewhat soggy.  Now we are cooking....can you picture Mitt back in his own state of Massachusetts, sloshing around  a muddy Brimfield mingling with the hard core sellers?

Never Wear A Suit And Tie When Junking For Antiques And Collectibles

I could just visualize Mitt's outfit,  a pin striped shirt, navy jacket and a red tie.  Dressed to the nines, I'm betting Mitt would be in for a surprise when he picks up an item and asks the price. Rule number one when you are out junking, you never dress too spiffy when you are about to haggle with a hardcore picker turned  antique dealer.

Nix The Chauffeured Limo When Out Antiquing

The second bit of advice I would have  for Mitt would to tell him not to arrive to Brimfield in your chauffeured driven limo. Trust me it is not a good  bargaining tactic to show up in a fancy car.  Nor is it a good idea to bring Ann with you. Which brings me to my third pearl of wisdom when going to Brimfield, keep the jewelry home. You can not successfully whine about the price of a collectible when you  or a loved one is over accessorized.

My Money Is On Obama

Yes, the true test for me of which man Obama or Romney is truly the wiser of the two when it comes to business deals, is which one can navigate Brimfield like a pro. My money is on Obama....and now I can rest comfortably today and head out antiquing without any reservations.

Readers, I welcome your tips, comments and ideas.

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  1. It isn't necessarily a secret or joke in this business that what make or model car a potential customer arrives in can and does influence the bargaining to come later. A brand new, shining Jaguar can influence negotiations much more than a 1982 Oldsmobile!

  2. AMEN! Great post, & thanks for the smile.

  3. Neither one, I would fit in much better then either one of those suits. the only suit I have is one I wore back in the 1970's & I know for a fact it will not fit, so no need asking me to model it for you.

  4. Funny. I thought Obama wore a suit and rides around in a chauffeured driven limo, too.

  5. Amazingly, I've found that as a Midwest antiques dealer, the money I earn has exactly the same buying power regardless of what my wonderful customers wear or drive. Maybe there's a different microeconomy happening in the blue states.

  6. Amazingly, as a Midwest antiques dealer I've found that the money I earn has the same buying power regardless of what my wonderful customers drive or wear. I didn't realize there was a different microeconomy in the blue states.

  7. I am disappointed, You should know to keep your political bias to your self in this setting. They both wear a suit and ride in a limo, And one uses Air Force one. I would much rather deal with Mr. Romney in my selling space on a personal level, then with that nasty fellow in the white house

  8. I am disappointed in your comments, in this what should be a non political site. They both wear a suit and ride in a limo. I for one would be much more comfortable dealing with Mr. Romney in my selling space then that nasty fellow in the White House