Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Is Nostalgia? The Kitchen Shrink Explains

Stuck In The Past: Nostalgic Feelings

Have you ever thought of what decade you you have wanted to live in? What era are you nostalgic for? By now you can comfortably conclude that I am stuck in the late 1940's and very early 1950s.

When I discover kitchen-wares from the Postwar years, I feel like I have struck gold. It is as if I got a second chance to have a bowl of chicken soup in grandma's kitchen. Each time I go out shopping for kitchen collectibles I am reminded of
grandma's house on E. 93rd Street in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Nostalgic Tugs And Pulls

We all have our own tugs and pulls. And for many of us...the drive to go out and hunt for stuff is a desire to quiet down those tugs and pulls. Nostalgia is a yearning for the past. The roots of the word are associated with "aching" and longing for home. By the way, here is an interesting sidebar. After the Middle Ages, Nostalgia was considered a medical condition akin to melancholy.

But relax, it's not the 1500's anymore. It's o.k. to shlep around looking for antiques and need to worry about your sanity.

Attached To Warm Feelings

Since I grew up in the 1950s, why don't I have a craving for pink and turquoise? I love abstract barkcloth, but not in the same way as I do a planter or dish cloth from the 1940s. The answer for me is that I am swept back into my grandmother's home when I see housewares and objects
of the postwar years and these objects are associated with pleasant memories.

Nostalgia is about stirring up strong feelings, generally linked to important figure, places, events in our life. These feelings can be of happy or sorrowful times.

Feeling Nostalgic

"The term of "feeling nostalgic" is more commonly used to describe pleasurable emotions associated with and/or a longing to go back to a particular period of time. For many of us, we are comforted by our collections which is why we seek opportunities to revive the pleasant experiences time and time again.

I'm outta to get going....Nostalgia is calling me to duty...junking here I go!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I think that is one reason that I love vintage and why I sell vintage items. Someone, somewhere will be touched by the memories when they see something that reminds them of their childhood or people who they loved and have shared their life with. Makes me feel all warm inside! I am thrilled when someone tells me about their recollections when they purchase any of my items or when I am out thrifting and they have a story to tell behind the item.

    I am starting to have a Vintage Love Saturdays on my blog beginning Saturday, August 28th. You and other lovers of vintage are welcome to come link in with me! I want to share the vintage LOVE!
    Check out my blog at

  2. Hi Dianne! This is the perfect post for me. I am a very sentimental person and just the sight of a vintage object can make me feel happy thoughts. It is certainly why I chose to decorate in a cottage style because the rules of decor for the cottage style are blurry, no black and white must haves. What era comforts me the most? Probably the 1940's. I am very much influenced by the movies of that era. The happy comedies and romances with those charming Hollywood inspired Connecticut country homes. The ruffled organza curtains at the windows. The huge hearth and slanted windows in "Christmas in Connecticut" ~ oh and the Dutch Door in the kitchen from the same movie. The way stone was used in the interior shots of "Bringing Up Baby". Films like that inspired my decorating style and my love of vintage. I'm off to visit some shops today!!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Thank you, it's good to learn something new every day.