Friday, August 20, 2010

Collecting Plastic Housekeeping Toys: Favorites In The 1950s

Falling In Love With Vintage Toy Laundry Accessories

Isn't this sweet "dolli-pin" set so adorable! I found it on one of my favorite sites, I'm guessing that this play set is from the 1950s when plastics were very popular.

Picking Out Plastic Doll Toys At The Five And Dime

I can remember strolling to the local Five and Dime or neighborhood toy store to pick out a cute little doll related toy to take home.

Plastic Toys Featured in the 1950s

Tiny plastic dolls, tea sets, babies with bottles, plastic washer and dryers were so exciting to little gals playing "house". So what happened to us big gals...too much of a good thing I suppose...the novelty wore off after motherhood! Now we want to go back to just playing house, not the real thing.

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Hot Kitchen and Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s Second Edition has a chapter you will love on Junior Housekeeping.


Housekeeping Toys From Metal to Plastic 1870-1970 by Margaret Wright

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