Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rock-A Bye Retro Baby With Vintage Nursery Quilts And Blankets

Decorating Your Vintage Nursery

One way to add charm to a baby nursery or young child's room is to decorate with vintage textiles. Baby quilts and coverlets can be an adorable addition to your retro baby's room. My friend at Cottage Rags has many of her baby collectibles featured in my book "Hot Cottage Collectibles For Vintage Style Homes".

Choosing Soft Pastel Colors For Baby's Room

I have selected some lovely examples of nursery quilts in soft and sweet pastel colors. Baby blankets are often hand embroidered, knitted, quilted, made of Chenille or printed with nursery rhymes, alphabet pictures, or other child themes.

Check Over Your Vintage Baby Quilt Carefully

When buying old textiles, look for stains, tears, holes, missing stitches, worn areas discoloration,odors etc. Many gals will still buy a wonderful quilt with some minor issues if they believe they can rescue it easily.

Cleaning Old Quilts

I would be very careful about washing older quilts. Use gentle baby safe detergents and hand wash instead of machine wash. Read more:

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  1. Hi
    Love these old quilts, have had a few cute chenilles pass through my hands!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog, you must stop by 'The Catnap Cottage' blog.
    Cheers from down here!
    Irene x

  2. Hi Dianne! I just popped over from Sherrie at Conversation at Goodwill. Love the new book and these baby blankets...well I love any vintage textile. LOL..I'm the one looking for love worn textiles to redo, recreate, rework. I'm so glad Sherrie led me to your blog. I am now a follower and you'll find yourself on my bloglist. Hope you can come by soon and visit a while.
    Brown Gingham Creations

  3. Dianne, I don't mind the interruption on my blog at all, I don't know any of my followers that fall into the retro sewing or nostalgia category, but I will keep my eyes open. Good Luck!


  4. hey doll
    eekkk these are darling!
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  5. Thanks for stopping by my I know where to find you! What a fun blog - and your books look wonderful.

    "A Sip of Sarsaparilla"

  6. Oh, I love this type of vintage. I have been picking up some. I also love the older smocked baby dresses and such. I am stashing them away for a hoped for granddaughter one day.
    Embroidered sheets are very sweet as well.