Sunday, August 22, 2010

Looking For Antiques And Collectibles In All The Wrong Places

Secret Hiding Places For Antiques And Collectibles

If you really want to find good stuff when you are out antiquing you need to look in all the wrong places. I know this must sound odd, but stick with me while I tell you about some of the best secret hiding places for finding treasures in an Antique Shop.

Tips About Where To Look For Good Ole Stuff In An Antique Shop Or Mall

Be sure to go snooping around when you stroll through an Antique Shop. Yes this is your chance to be nosy. Peek inside closed cabinet doors, especially cupboards. Open drawers, you will find lots of surprises. For example, in the Hoosier cabinet I have in my shop "Kitsch n Stuff", if you poke inside the drawers you might find pot holders, wall plaques I haven't hung up yet, tiny objects I don't know what to do with etc.

By All Means, Open Dresser Drawers

The same advice goes for dresser drawers. I have found photos, clothing, linens, jewelry, booklets, frames etc tucked away inside a dresser drawer. Sometimes the items are placed there on purpose and the objects are ready for sale and at other times, the dealer may have not yet tagged an item but would accept an offer.

Look High And Low To Find Collectibles

Another valuable tip is to look up high.... many dealers stick great items on top of their showcases or shelving units. And also look down real low. You will find lots of goodies stored under tables, on low shelves, on the floor etc.

Last tip for this post......ask the store owner if there is a "back room" or "basement" or "backyard ". A ton of stuff finds its way out of sight and you may not be aware of these secret hiding places, unless you ask.

Feel free to share other "Wrong Places" to Look.

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  1. Hi Dianne!!
    thanks for popping in!..I'd be happy to recommend some Retro sewing blogs!..I sew retro, but lately have been concentrating on retro-inspired paper-mache' goodies for market..;-)
    I was just wondering what niche' you were looking for in particular..Retro embroidery, home fashion,garment or all of the above? Happy to assist any way I can!;-)
    Kristine ;-)

  2. Dianne, Such great advice, i just did a post on everything you want to know about renting space in an antiques mall. I often bring stuff to my booth and forget than I have put items in a drawer or basket I just brought in. So your advice was spot on!!


  3. I have found some of my best junk at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. Antique shops usually know how much something is worth to someone. The other places are just trying to get rid of I have found McCoy planters, etc for as little as a quarter, that would have been much, much more at an antique shop.