Monday, March 22, 2010

Move Over Oprah And Rosie, Mike And Frank The American Pickers May Be Ready For A Daytime Show On Junk

"The eyes of the American Picker are trained like a hawk.We see what know(sic) one else can and find value in it"

Lights, Cameras, Action:"American Pickers Show" Is All About Entertainment

Another Monday, another night of American Pickers. Tonight (March 22, 2010) I am watching the show and thinking about what I can talk about in my blog that I haven't already covered in earlier posts. Let's see we have talked about rust, guy stuff, bikes, dirt, cobwebs, mouse droppings, cans, signs, junk, filth, bike parts, grime, oil cans, tins, tunnels, tools, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Lighting Up The Junk: Super Scooter

Have we talked about LIGHTING? I mean have we really delved into the subject? I'm not talking about the rusty vintage stage light that Mike went bonkers over in tonight's episode called "Super Scooter" (about a one-of-a-kind Vespa passenger scooter). I am talking about "lighting" in general.

Mike And Frank Meet "Goat Man"

Think about this.... we watched tonight as Mike and Frank met "Goat Man" and they went poking through his hidden property filled with fields of junk and rows of rusty old buses which stored even more forgotten "collectibles" (garbage) . We also watched as the pickers climbed over piles of junk hoarded (I mean collected) by the late husband of a clueless but gracious 84 year old woman.

American Pickers Have Hawk Vision

While the guys are meandering in and out of all these poorly lit junk havens we are surprisingly able to see all the action quite clearly. Now catch one point Mike is holding a flashlight to light up his treasure trove. Come on....didn't you call out to the T.V. screen "that flashlight isn't lighting up squat!" Let's be and I both know that real light for Mike's Hawk vision is coming from other sources.

Where is The Lighting Coming From?

Want to know how the pickers are able to find treasures in old buses, attics, barns, crawl spaces, basements, caves, tunnels, out bulidngs? They have picking skills and lots of LIGHT. And its not the light from Mike's vintage flashlight . Nor the sun's rays shining through a crack a cement wall. Nope the light is coming from elsewhere. But just where you ask....where is the light coming from that allows us to see everything going on in such clarity?

American Pickers Is Entertainment

The answer my friends is that this show is shot on location and each scene is actually a "set" . By now you all realize that American Pickers is entertainment. It's a show.....with a script, producers, directors, writers, film crews and lots of LIGHTING! There are no surprises or unexpected outcomes...... except the fact that a lot of people are watching this show and talking about it.

Move Over Oprah: Here Comes Mike and Frank

Oprah....move over.....if Rosie doesn't take your spot.....I thnk Mike and Frank might just be ready for the daytime version of American Pickers.......any ideas on what we shall call the show?
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  1. I finally had the chance to watch this show and really enjoyed! It was so interesting to see what they came up with, I don't think I'd have the patience to do what they do, I prefer my vintage finds to be all clean and nicely displayed in a cute shop!

  2. Diane, I started a Discussion on this show last night. I was flabbergasted last week when Mike and Frank walked past tables full of glassware, jadite and the like, and last night's episode left me just as bewildered. SO disappointed to watch that vintage industrial leather sewing machine be COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED like it was junk! These guys are pretty good, and I enjoy the show, but that was One BIG oversight. Good Grief!!! They obviously don't realize what they just drove off and left sitting. I believe a new element should be added to this show -- a dealer or collector (or two) -- showing those of us who believe there's more to Antique Archaeology than oil cans and rusty bikes. You know that like you, I specialize in American antique glassware, linens and kitchenware, as well as antique sewing machines. To overlook those pieces of American Antiqueing is a mistake. Something needs to be done for them to Retain Their Audience for daytime.

  3. Diane, they lost me about 2 shows ago, my husband is still hooked. I like pretties, even if I have to clean the stuff. I'm scared of rats and snakes, I draw the line in my junking trips. I love old furniture and that is how I make my money. They must have a huge market for the stuff they pick, not in my end of town. I do have 4 rusted bikes in the front of the shop for display and I can tell you I could have sold those a million times, for 10 dollars or so. They will not be picking for me, that is for sure. I have a picker and she will pick up glassware, laces, linen, figurines, china and architectural pieces. Now we talking, that is my kind of picking. Blessings, Marta.

  4. Marta,

    Have you ever thought of painting the bikes a lovely shade of pink. Look at my post on The Nosey Goose in Madison, CT

  5. I hope they don't move them to daytime. I am not a Democrat who sits around in my PJ's all day some of us have to work for a living! My only problem with the show is that I have much of the stuff that they get all excited about and I cannot find a market even on e-Bay!

  6. I will have to find that show and watch!