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Florence's Glass Kitchen Shaker 1930-1950 by Gene and Cathy Florence : Kitschy Collector Book Review

Do You Own Florence's Glass Kitchen Shaker 1930-1950 Identification and Value Guide? Kitchen Collectors this is a book you have to have in your library!

I am excited to tell you about Florence's Glass Kitchen Shaker 1930-1950 Identification and Value Guide. Although this book came our sometime ago, it still is an extremely helpful reference book about the ever popular kitchen glass shakers.

Learning About Glass Kitchen Shakers

If you are like me, when you come across these popular collectibles you aren't always sure about who the manufacturer is or what is the market value. The Florence's have put together a really comprehensive guide book that covers all the manufacturers of glass spice sets, sat and pepper shakers and range sets.

More Than McKee : Introducing Many Manufacturers Of Glass Kitchen Shakers

Many of us in the kitchen collectibles business, usually associate The McKee Glass Company as the manufacturer of glass kitchen shakers. But there were many companies that produced similar styles, such as Hazel-Atlas, Anchor Hocking, Tipp Novelty, Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Jeanette Glass Company, Sneath Glass Company and others.

The Florence book is a great overall resource for glass kitchen shakers. And although it was released in 2004, I found the information and prices to still be relevant.

Gene Florence, the foremost authority on glassware, has produced a brand new guide for collectors. Florence's Kitchen Glass Shakers, 1930 - 1950s, is sure to spice up your bookshelf. Over 1,000 glass kitchen shakers, including sugar shakers, are pictured in this volume of full-color group photographs. Catalog identification of previously unknown shaker names is provided, as well as name, company, and value given for each item shown. Companies featured include Hazel Atlas, Anchor Hocking, Jeannette, McKee, Owens-Illinois, and Tipp City Decorations. This book features sharp images and offers insight into values of these savory shakers. It's another bound-to-be best-seller from glassware expert Gene Florence. 2004 values.

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