Monday, March 8, 2010

The American Pickers Clinging To Their Objects Of Desire: In Love With Antique Bicycles

Just Watched Another Grimy Episode of The American Pickers

O.k. Shabby Chic gals, cover your ears, I am about to talk dirty. Guess what show I just watched? Yep,I just watched another...shall we say.... "filthy" episode of American Pickers. Mouse nests, cobwebs, droppings, dirt, rust know all the good stuff that The Pickers seem to love to play in.

Obsessed With Old Bikes, Signs, Car Parts, Cans Etc.

And this week was no different than the previous weeks, plenty of piles of junk to explore by two fellas who are obsessed with old bikes, advertising signs , car parts and cans. Up until today's show, I was satisfied to think of Mike and Frank as two buddies who are passionate about "guy stuff'.

Does Mike have A Bicycle

But after watching the show this evening, I am beginning to sing a different tune. I am giving serious consideration to the idea that Mike has a bicycle fetish.

Madly In Love With Spokes and Chains

I mean there is no way, anyone could get so excited about a rusty broken bicycle skeleton unless they are in love with bicycles and their parts. We're talking the whole package here......Mike is in awe of vintage bicycles. He lights up when he sees a dilapidated Schwinn buried under rubble or finds a a squeaky old Springfield Roadster . Mike is either madly in love with spokes and chains or simply bonkers like the rest of us junksters who cling to the objects of our desire.

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  1. I just finished watching this episode a few minutes ago. As I was watching him drawn to yet another bike, I was thinking the same thing, "this guy really likes those rusted out bikes!" - he goes for them in every episode. But I can't point fingers as I definitely have my own antique obsessions!

  2. Now I'm waiting for a new pickers episode with 'gal pickers' going into houses and picking 'girl stuff'. What do you think? Is there any way to get a show with something other than rusty bikes and car parts?

  3. I love American Pickers! But I agree with drmoyers -- it shouldn't be such a boys' club. Another blog I love is It's written by a garbage man from Queens named Nick DiMola. He collects antiques he finds on rubbish removal jobs. Very cool.

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