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Mixed Media Art and Assemblages (Created From Flea Market Finds, Found Objects, Ephemera. or Collectibles

Many creative individuals like to take salvage, quirky items they find at a flea market, old paper, damaged or orphaned collectibles and re-purpose (re-cycle) them to make works of art. These art projects can be flat such as collages on paper supports or three dimensional in the case of sculptures and assemblages.

In the last few years there has been an increase in what is referred to as "Altered Art". This form of art grew very popular with the scrap booking craze, although artists have always "altered" art materials and flea market finds. Some very beautiful "altered art" can be found which incorporates ephemera (old paper), vintage embellishments (perhaps antique buttons or fabric remnants) and other interesting odds and ends. "Altered Art" also called mixed media uses a variety of materials and products (adhesives, paints, dry media) in several forms (shadow boxes, collages, journal books, on canvas etc),

Art From Flea Market Finds and Collectibles
Another trend which has continued to attract creative individuals is using "flea market finds" and "re-cycling" them to make "functional art". An old Pyrex kitchen bowl becomes a lampshade or a bookshelf is painted a new color and hung on the wall instead of used on the floor etc.Of course old furniture and a variety of collectibles has always been a favorite "support" (surface) for many artists who enjoy "hand-painting designs on these objects.

Functional Art
Many artists prefer to take what was once "functional" items, such as a fork or beverage glass or key and integrate these objects in an "assemblage" or wall hanging in new ways. The fork might be used as the arm of a clock or a orphaned salt shaker is re-purposed as the body of a doll figure. Vintage advertising tins are especially sought after by artists who re-use these materials to form elaborate "Tin Can Assemblages or "Vintage Tin Figures"..

Outsider Art
With the increased attention to the environment, it's nice to be able to re-use treasures from the past in new ways. Let's remember however, that for generations and generations, people found new uses for common everyday items. "Junk Art" is really not a new concept at all. Some very elaborate "junk art" is sold for a lot of money. You will seem many forms of "Outsider Art" and "Tramp Art" commanding grand prices at auction.

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