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Decorating Your Walls With Vintage Collections

If you enjoy vintage style decorating then consider hanging some of your collections on the wall. Walls make a great "support" not only for pictures, but three dimensional objects as well.

Hanging pictures and collectibles is tricky, but once you let yourself experiment you can have a ball creating exciting displays. Unless an object is large or a painting is prominent, one small picture hung by itself looks lonely.

Pairs and groupings work better. Recently I hung four identically framed black and white pen and inks in a row on one of my kitchen walls. Mounting them in a line gave the room a more contemporary look. You can also stack pictures two on top and two on the bottom or other combinations of numbers.

When objects share something in common they form a pleasing ensemble. One collector showed me how she grouped dozens of vintage wedding pictures of different couples together. Because all of the photographs had a theme to them, they formed an interesting collection. The vintage coloration of all these older photos also served to organize the collection providing a harmonious visual presentation.

Another avid collector of 1950's "Paint By Number" pictures covered his counseling office wall with his collection of these funky colorful framed retro art pieces. Many whimsical collectibles can be found at flea markets and make for interesting "art" when displayed in groups. Consider hanging vintage pocketbooks, pot covers, mirrors, toy shovels, keys, tin ceiling tiles etc.

A large collection of small flea market paintings all with different frames can also work well if the overall look is a wall filled with similar sized frames. In this formation you are spacing pictures equally apart but arranging them together as you would a jigsaw puzzle. This type of mounting works well on the walls bordering staircases.

Three dimensional objects can be enclosed in a deep plexi-glass shadow box frame and mounted on the wall. Old chairs, boxes, miniature dressers can also be used as "shelves" and hug on walls to display collectibles and other interesting finds.

You do not have to stick to one "style" or design period. It's always exciting to mix up the look. Add vintage to modern or urban chic to antique. Older objects and pictures warm up rooms, while more contemporary accessories offer a clean crisp look. Add the unexpected to your walls and sit back and enjoy your design work. The best part of wall decor is that it can be changed so easily whenever you are ready for a new idea.

For many more creative ideas about how to use, display and hang collectibles and unusual finds, consult my book, Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes.

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