Friday, February 27, 2009

"Roll Out” Your Advertising Ideas At The Next Antique Show Your Sell At

LOOKING FOR ZEBRAS to Help Boost Your Antique Business

Looking for Zebras in the Antique Business
This post is not what you are expecting. By now you have figured out that the Editor is always on the look out for " zebras" and that I pass right by the horses. In other words, I get a kick out of seeing something a little bit different. So when I saw a “horse” turned into a “zebra “ at a recent Antique Show I attended, I knew I had to tell you about what I will call a "Billboard on Wheels" .

Billboard on Wheels -
Maxing Your Advertising Potential
I was strolling down each aisle of this crowded show when I wandered into a small booth and came across an ordinary plastic rolling utility cart turned into a million dollar advertising idea.
O.K., maybe not a million dollars.....but way more than the twenty bucks or so the plastic contraption on wheels cost. Because the storage cart is made of clear plastic, the end of the unit that faces the public can be used as an advertising tool. Hang in there with me....When you slide “signs” towards the back of each plastic drawer which faces outward, you have essentially a “billboard” on wheels.

Cash In On Ideas
Not only did the vendors of “Keepsakes Antiques” convert this cart into an effective and easy way to promote their business , but these long established antique dealers also use each drawer in a very practical way. Here is how the storage cart is used. The top drawer is the “cash drawer” improvised with a compartmentalized cash and coin tray.Way Beyond the Bag Lady ConceptThen there is the “bag drawer” which hold an assortment of re-cycled bags that Marianne and Peter will offer their customers. Other drawers held receipts , business cards and paper work. Snacks and supplies also had a special place.

Share Your Zebras
To me..... this combination “billboard on wheels- utility cart” is just the zebra I am looking for to perk me up . Do you have other ideas to “roll out” or perhaps a zebra hiding in your midst, share them here.

Photos Courtesy of Keepsake Antiques, Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT

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