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How To Maximize Your "Real Estate" or Floor Space in an Antique Mall

In Brick and Mortar antique malls or multi-group shops where you lease space to sell your antiques and collectibles, space is at a premium. You want to get "the most bang out of your buck". This article is about how to maximize your "Real Estate" or square feet so that you are taking advantage of all selling space available to you

Getting Elephants into a Volkswagen

I rent space at The Collinsville Antiques Company in New Hartford Company. I rent a half a space which is only 6' X 9'. When I went "shopping" for spaces in a variety of shops I took into consideration how I would be able to pack in as much as I could in "smalls" in a very small space.

I actually took quite a lot of time to draw out plans and imagine my space before I moved in.

Here are Ten Practical Tips How To Maximize Real Estate or Use Floor Space Effectively :

1. Go As High as You Can With Shelves ( within the comfort zone): Either build or acquire tall shelves or stack shelves and cabinets to create height.

2. If possible ask for a corner booth so you can utilize the side without a neighbor. Position shelving so that one shelf side faces inward and then use a "back-up" shelf facing to the aisle.

3. Use sheets of plywood to "expand" your wall. Paint or cover your new wall with fabric.

4. If you have a lot of pictures to hang...look for a booth space with walls. If you have lots of pictures only...sometimes you can work out a deal to rent just a wall in a shop or antique mall.

5. Light your showcases.Customers need to see what you have

6. Glass shelves in showcases show better. Add mirror to the back of showcases. You can buy mirror squares in home improvement stores.

7. Dual purpose your collectibles: Use a vintage porcelain bucket to hold kitchen gadgets; Turn a bowl over to use as a pedestal for another bowl: roll vintage kitchen towels and stick in a vase or beverage glass: use a step ladder as shelves to hold vintage games:

8. Hang as much as you can! Hang doilies and pot holders on the side of shelves: Hang plates on walls etc.

9. Hang items from the ceiling or overhead if you have beams or rods etc. Or create a "bridge" shelf from one side wall to the other side wall overhead.

10. Use old doors, shutters, lattice to hang objects on.

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  1. Dianne, thanks so much for this post about displaying your antiques, etc. It will come in handy for me to use in my wicker furniture and antler basket studio! I have a work area, teaching area and retail area, so now know the best ways of displaying my "stuff."

    The Wicker Woman ® - Cathryn Peters