Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Auction Hunters" A Show About Abandoned Storage Unit Auctions Premieres On Spike T.V.

"Auction Hunters" On Spike T.V. Hunting For Treasures (Guy Stuff)

Meet Clinton "Ton" Jones And Allen Haff

Here we go again, another new reality T.V. show called "Auction Hunters" with stars hunting for buried treasures. This new kid on the block is on the Spike network, Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M. EST. The show revolves around two guys, Clinton " Ton" Jones and Allen Haff who make a living attending auctions of abandoned storage units.

I guess I never realized it before that there are storage units all over the place loaded with STUFF that people or businesses never come back for. According to the Spike network promo, there are 10,000 abandoned storage units a day that are put up for auction.

What Can You Find At Abandoned Storage Unit Auctions?

The drama is built into the show because unlike a regular auction that you generally have a chance to preview, these auctions are held on the spot and you only have a chance to peek into a unit and get a quick idea of what might be buried inside. "Each unit has the potential to be a goldmine or a bust for those who make their living hunting unclaimed property."

More Rough And Tough Reality Stars

Last night was the premiere of this show which once again features a pair of rough and tough guys who get their kicks out of finding an historic gun, rumbling around in piles of metal junk factory equipment and discovering a vintage cash register with a big pay off.

The early scenes of the show were fast paced and exciting. I was getting hooked and decided to stay with the show, even though Pawn Stars was on another channel and competing for my attention. But as the show developed, I started to find myself getting a little sleepy.

It seems that all these new reality T.V. shows about hunting for antiques and collectibles are
all created with identical formulas, a cast with at least one or two nice looking fat guys, a better looking skinnier guy, a few staged treasures that are worth something and lots of dust, grime, cob webs, rust and good and bad crap. Hmm......sounds familiar.

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  1. haha -- two fat guys and a better looking skinny guy!

  2. I watched the show this week. I thought it was very interesting. It takes a lot of nerve to bid on a 'grab bag', but it was entertaining and informative and I'm hoping for more and more shows that stir up interest in people for that elusive just can't hurt those of us in the antique business.