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Retro, Vintage, Kitsch At The English Building Markets, Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

A Retro Haven On Chapel Street In New Haven, CT

Smack in the heart of the New Haven downtown area, where Yale students buzz around with their back packs is "The English Building Markets" a

for collectors of vintage treasures. The name of the store is so deceiving that I need to clear that up right now. Banish any image from your mind of a stuffy proper antique store with Flow Blue and elegant table settings.

Indoor Junkyard of Fabulous Vintage Finds And Up-Cycled Goodies

Whoa.... "The English Markets" is quite a different place from what their name conjures up in you mind. The place is classy, but in a much different way.
I would classify "The English Building Markets" as an indoor classy junkyard of fabulous finds!

Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage On Chapel Street in New Haven, CT

In fact, this terrici source for everything Mod, Retro and Vintage is not exactly a household name in the Downtown New Haven region. I have been hunting for this place for three years. Finally when strolling the shops on Chapel street, I asked a hot dog vendor if he knew of a Retro kind of place. He looked at me puzzled. What about a junk store? Or a flea market? Or a second hand store? He pointed to the store which was diagonally across from his stand.

Nostalgic Storehouse of Vintage Treasures

I crossed the busy intersection and lo and behold, Jacob (my Sheltie) and I had finally found "The English Building Market". It looks small form the outside of the building but is a GRAND vintage emporium once you start walking through this over stuffed nostalgic storehouse of goodies. You will feel like you just entered a Time Machine and you are back in Colorful era of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s.

Hip Department Store

The funky store is set up in HIP "departments" which resemble an old Five and Dime or General Store but designed to resemble the popular contemporary store "Anthropologie". Antiques and collectibles are showcased in creative and sometimes odd ways. The look is pure kitschy fun and vintage.

Strolling Through The Mod & Retro Past

You first walk through the Dry Goods area where you will find buttons, textiles, sewing notions etc. Other departments include kitchen-wares, entertaining, vintage clothing, jewelry, vanity, sports, books, art, glassware, pottery etc.

I especially enjoyed the room settings at "The English Building Markets" and the clever colorful Retro inspired displays. Now that I have finally found "The English Market", I am going tLinko be a very frequent shopper!

The English Building Markets

839 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

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