Sunday, July 24, 2011

West Bend Appliances Is Now Celebrating 100 Year Anniversary

Vintage West Bend Products Are Popular Collectibles
I am always delighted to discover an original kitchenware catalog or advertising materials in good condition. LinkToday I found this wonderful 4 page 1957 advertising insert for West Bend appliances on

st Bend Products Featured In 1957 Advertisement

This West Bend advertisement is described as featuring " West Bend Appliances, Gift Ware, and Pantry Ware. Models included: Automatic Skillet, Electric Griddle, Bean Pot, Corn Popper, Percolators, Bread Box, Canister Set, Cake Humidor, Serving Oven, Cookie Canister, Shakers, Range Set, Bowlmaster Set, Trig Singing Tea Kettle, Serv-It Platter, Lazy Susan, Penguin Hot and Cold Server, and Top-Stove Ovenette ".

West Bend "Pantry Ware"

The page which really tickled my fancy was the advertisement for West Bend's "Pantry Ware" featured. Many of us have seen bits and pieces of their sets but now we get to see how the entire product line looks. "Pantry Ware " included bread box, 4 piece Canister Set, Cake Humidor, Range Set, Flour n Sugar Shakers, Waste Basket, Cookie Cutter, Canister n Cake Set.

Pantry Ware Came In Polished Aluminum or Copper Color Aluminum

Pantry Ware came in "sparkling polished aluminum or "tarnish-proof copper-color aluminum". Here is how the 1957 advertisement describes these products: "strikingly modern-with a touch of Early American charm. That's the beauty of West Ben's complete line of perfectly matched Pantry Ware. Protective coating prevents finger-printing, keeps every piece bright and new looking".

The West Bend Company Invented The First Stove Top Drip Coffee Maker

The West Bend Company is still around and is now celebrating it's 100thy anniversary. Located in West Bend, WI, this kitchen appliance company is a privately held company managed by Focus Products Group. LLC. In 1922, West Bend launched America's first stovetop drip coffee maker. West Bend is also credited with launching the Waterless Cooker which could featuring a one-pot meal cooker. Many of us will associate the West Bend name to their popular Stir Crazy popcorn popper. To read more about West Ben Appliances visit:

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