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Getting Ready To Sell Your Parent's House

Can You Move Mom And Dad Without Losing Your Mind?

We are all in this Baby Boomers approach their fifth and sixth decade, our parents are moving into their eighth or ninth decade. And let the games begin....can you re-locate mom or dad into a safer smaller residence without losing your mind?

Does Your Mom and Dad's House Have Outdated Decor?

Am I being too harsh here? If your parent's have been living in a home for ...let's say... 30--40 years and when they bought that home it was OLD to start with... and they didn't believe in may looking at a house or apartment with COLORS and DECOR that are very "UNIQUE" and a challenge to sell (in this lousy market) unless you take some DRASTIC measures.

Consulting With A Home Staging Expert

Well maybe "drastic" is a bit dramatic but at least you might consider, making some important changes. Ask your realtor to suggest some one who specializes in Home Staging. These professionals will know just what you should do to get the house ready for resale. It might mean, removing old carpets and exposing the hard wood floors. Or perhaps, "neutralizing" the paint colors on the walls. And good home styling experts have plenty of tricks to imply to make the house look fresh and updated. A few key changes could mean the difference in selling or not selling a house. And you may just re-coup way more for the value of the home than you expected by investing a little time and money in some reasonable updates.

If you recognize your mom or dad's house in the list may want to begin breaking the news to your parents that

Does Your Mom Or Dad's House Have Any Of The Following Decor And Appliances ? RED FLAGS

-Pink and black or turquoise bathrooms (circa 1950)
-Avocado green carpets ( circa late 1960s into 1970s)
-Orange counter tops (circa 1960s).
-Poodle wallpaper in the hall bathroom (circa 1950s).
-Teal carpets and pink wall (circa 1980s)
-Turquoise oven (circa 1950s)
-Brown shag rug in the den (circa 1970)
-Pink Swan wallpaper in the Master bathroom, (circa 1950s).
-Dark panel wall in the T.V. room, (circa 1950s, 1960s, 1970s).
-Confetti linoleum floors in the kitchen (circa 1940s, 1950s).
-Red Formica counters (circa late 1940s, 1950s).
-Flat beige worn rugs in the living room and dining room (circa 1950s).
-Faux white brick wallpaper in the dining room (circa 1950s).
-Hot pink and orange wall covering, drapes, carpet in the upstairs bedroom (circa 1960s).
-Harvest Gold appliances in the kitchen (circa 1970s).

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