Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitsch n Stuff Antiques And Collectibles Features Five And Dime Collectibles

Collecting Dimestore Housewares At Kitsch n Stuff Located AT The Collinsville Antiques Center Of New Hartford, CT.

What can I say, I am a softy for collecting Five and Dime collectibles from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s. And when I see turquoise......

Who Buys This Stuff? I DO !

I just get so excited.... a blast from my retro past! Does anyone else buy this stuff? I'm not sure, but I sure love it. What more can I say about the thrill of finding unopened Dimestore products. It is an art to discover such treasures.....and I am always on the hunt. Thank goodness their were a lot of "savers" who kept this stuff in their drawers for decades.

Is Your Antique Shop A Museum?

And as far as I'm concerned, there are just some items that are for sale in my shop "Kitsch n Stuff" (Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT) that I don't mind if they never get sold. O.K., I have been accused more than once of having a museum not a shop. But that is o.k. The whole idea of building these funky retro collections is what brings me pleasure.

Sorry To See The Pink Breadbox Is Sold

In fact , when I returned from vacation, I learned that my FABULOUS 1950s pink bread box had sold. I'm not kidding, I'm having pangs of grief. Why didn't I mark that beauty up higher? What was I thinking.

Collecting Kitchen
And Home Tchatzkahs: Hello Vintage Thumb Tacks

But back to collecting Five and Dime items especially paper goods, house-ware supplies and cool can you not fall in love with stuff in it's original packaging. For example look at the "thumb tacks", now called push pins in the circles I travel in. But for me back in the 1950s, "thumb tacks" were what you used to pin down the shelving paper in your kitchen. Or "thumb tacks" were an essential item in any home before Post it notes were born.

And don't you adore vintage party and paper goods? Love, love, love the Dixie cups! Do you have any Dimestore items in their origianal package? Please send me your

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  1. I collect this stuff too! In fact, I was just getting ready to post some on my blog! What a coincidence! I found a favorite church sponsored thrift store that seems to get tons of this stuff!

  2. i always feel so happy when I come here! thanks so much for posting these pics!

    Yes, thank goodness for the ladies who saved stuff from yesterday! One of the wonderful things about this hobby is the memories it brings! I only own one unopened dime store pagage. I can't believe I'm drawing a blank on what they are called but it's string and pegs for hanging up Christmas cards.

    I would have loved that pink bread box! My kitchen is in reds but my craft room and dinning room is mainly in pinks! Come see my pink mela dishes that I found! Maybe you could help me date them. ♥