Friday, February 18, 2011

Visiting "Paula's Unique Consignment", Plantsville, CT: Collectibles, Furniture, Jewelry

Silent Auction at Paula's Unique Consignment,
Plantsville, CT. February 26th, 2011

Have you been to "Paula's Unique Consignment" Store on South Main St. in Plantsville, CT ?
Paula moved into the Plantsville General Store Antique Center when Elaine retired.

By the way, Elaine and several former dealers from PGS are now at The Colllinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT.

Paula Works Hard To Fill Her Store With Fresh Finds

But back to Paula's Consignment. Paula knows the world and her store, once a popular General Store in town, is now stuffed on two floors with consignment furniture, collectibles and antiques from folks Paula has gotten to know over the years.

It isn't like Paula has all this time to go out shopping...but she does and when she isn't out hunting for great deals, the stuff comes to her. When Paula is not at her huge shop she is full time Occupational Therapist in the school system. BUT Paula comes from a very close family and everyone helps her keep the store fresh and running.

Bargain Shopping At Paula's Unique Consignment Store

Like all consignment shops, the treasures may be there one day and not the other. Right now there is a terrific red and white Hoosier style cabinet in the window which I am in love with. I would have bought it already, but space is pretty tight in my shop at the moment.

Shabby Chic In The Upper Level

I also liked the upper level of the store which was loaded with Shabby Chic style hand painted vintage furniture. The prices were very fair for many of these one of a kind pieces. And like other consignment stores, the prices of items go down overtime so that you will notice some real bargains at Paula's Unique Consignment .

Silent Auction February 26th, 2011

On Saturday, February 26th, 2011, Paula is holding a silent auction from 6-10 P.M. with over 40 lots. Included in the auction is furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewelry and home decor. Refreshments will be served and Paula promises a fun evening.

Paula Unique Consignment
780 South Main St
Plantsville, CT

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  1. What lovely things Paula has! We have a wonderful consignment shop here in Boise too. I find wonderful things there as well. I believe it's such a great way to furnish our homes with wonderful treasures while participating in conserving our resources.

    Susan and Bentley

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