Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lighten Up Your Antique Booth Or Shop With New Color Combinations

Springy Ideas For Your Antique Booth Or Shop

Spring is in the air... all the antique dealers I know are gearing up for tag sales and flea markets so that they can replenish their inventory. February and March are in between months for many antique dealers. In many parts of the country the weather is still cold and the shows, sales and markets have not yet started again in full swing.

Mini Antique Booth Makeover

So at this time of the year, you really need to work with what you have to create some attractive displays. I generally have two kinds of booth makeovers...BIG ONES where I tear apart the entire booth from floor to ceiling, and MINI makeovers which is when I do a little gentle housekeeping and perhaps move a few things around to give the booth a zap of freshness.

Jazz Up Your Antique Booth With Some Sparkle And Pizazz

An easy solution to build some interest in your antique booth or shop is too create new color combinations. As you pack away your Christmas and holiday decor, leave the greens out and save some of the pretty Christmas balls and garland. Try organizing your greens with yellow or orange collectibles. Incorporate vignettes of antiques and collectibles with some of your smalls with flower designs. And add some of the holiday decor that you left out to jazz up your items and to give your shop a lighter, Springy look. Take a look at the plate with the green and silver balls.

Salmon Brook Antiques Ready For St. Patrick's Day

At The Salmon Brook Shop Antiques, Granby, CT many dealers have already changed over their booths for Spring. First comes the St. Patrick's themes ....the GREEN 'S are sprouting, along with the clovers. If you do not have any St. Patrick collectibles you can set the holiday tone by selecting a collection of the green ceramics, bowls, vases, plates etc. that you have dispersed in your booth or shop. Put all your greens together and you will have a new and fresh display. But don't forget to add a little yellow or orange to perk up the greens.

Good Bye Santa, Hello Easter Bunny

After the greens are our ...it will be time for new palettes. If you haven't removed the Christmas decor...what are you waiting for? Good bye Santa, hello Easter Bunny. I know it is still February and we have plenty of winter to endure...but getting into a Spring mode is not a bad idea.

Mix-It-Up : Sell More

I am getting ready to transition my booth with a new display of pink and black 1950s kitchen collectibles. I will pull apart my booth and pair together new colors . When you move around your items for sale, they actually DO SELL!
Magically everything looks new again.

Here are some new Springy color combos to try:

aqua and yellow
lavender and yellow
orange and yellow
green and cream
pink and green
soft blue and pink

Salmon Brook Shops

563 Salmon Brook Street
Route 10/202
Granby, CT 06035

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