Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Ladies Antiques, A Collection of Quirky Antiques And Collectibles in West Hartford, Connecticut

The Kitschy Collector Visits "Three Ladies Antiques"

Like any addicted junk lover, I'm in heaven when I find a shop that is stuffed with everything but the Kitsch n Sink! And "Three Ladies Antique" on Park Road in West Hartford, Connecticut was the perfect place for the Kitschy Collector to hunt for Kitsch n Stuff.

Lots To See At Three Ladies Antiques

This is a very large store which has Oriental rugs on one side of the store and antiques, collectibles and good junk on the other side of the shop. On the side with the rugs, you will find a funky collection of artwork displayed on the walls. The owner likes to buy artwork and also has lots of buyers looking for old frames so she often buys older pictures, just for the frames.

When You Are Hunting For Treasures You Have To Look Everywhere

But it is the other side of the shop that will keep you busy. The best way to describe this store is to say that there are treasures buried under the bric-a-brac . You really have to browse this store carefully. My suggestion is to walk around the shop several times. Try to get past the "tag sale reject" stuff because than you will find some really nifty things.

Retro Furniture And Vintage Decor

And before I forget, there is also furniture, but it comes and goes very quickly because the prices are very fair.There is also a basement and I mean basement loaded with used books and other odds and ends. This is one basement I'm not too fond of. BUT you have to be brave when you are junking.
But lets get above ground again. On my trip to Three ladies Antiques today, I did find a lot of Flower Power collectibles in their back room.

Religious Kitsch

Now I should mention that across from the 1960s and 1970s "STUFF" was a few bookcases with a collection of religious items. I remember thinking when I was photographing these shelves that I wanted to describe these section as "Religious Kitsch" but I worried about whether that was a kosher way of describing religious items. So perhaps I should refer to this area of the store as religious collectibles.

Wonderful Hand Carved Sea Captains

Not to far away from the "religious collectibles" in the main room, was one dealer (there are a few other dealers besides the owner) who had some very interesting collectibles in his showcase. I loved the collection of hand carved sea captains shown above. In fact, I bought the entire set. And I do have my eye on some other things.

Three Ladies Antiques
328 Park Road
West Hartford, CT

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