Sunday, November 21, 2010

Junk Decorating: Making The Leap To Decorate With Great Junk You Find While On A Junk Junket

To Decorate With Junk Or Not To Decorate With Junk: What Shall The Kitschy Collector Do?

I wish I had the courage to become more daring in my decorating at home and actually return home with some of the quirky things I spot when I am out Junking. I mean, why can I write about kooky, chippy, rusty, maimed antiques and collectibles and then pause when it comes to bringing those babes home into MY house? Or why is that I can imagine how wonderful some of these funky objects would be as decorative accessories but I can't make the jump to bring them home. They might go into my shop...but not my home (YET).

Spotting Good Junk When On A Junk Junket

I see a lot of goofy and crazy stuff when I am on one of my JUNK junkets (which is almost everyday). In fact as soon as I finish this post, I'll be out the gate. Returning to my existential junk dilemma. Why do I have such a hard time bringing home some of the junk I fall in love with? I do come from a long line of creative junksters (who had lovely homes)...junk is in our what's the problem here?

Some Junk Is Great Junk

I'll photograph junk, I'll write about junk, but I haven't made the big leap yet to bring junk home. Oh yes, I do bring home odds and ends here and there, but I haven't brought home any major junk pieces or oddities.

Is It Junk Or A Decorating Accessory?

And while it is on my mind, isn't it curious how when you find something you like at a Junk Shop it stays as "junk" in your mind, but when the same piece is placed in a glass showcase in a high end Antique store it becomes "a decorative accessory".

It's All In The Presentation: Including JUNK

I always thought that everything is "presentation" goodness, do you know how many Antique dealers get their stuff from their town dump? Don't even think too hard here ......I'm telling many "treasures" you adore were picked by dealers at dumps!
I'm vowing this New Year to breakthrough my junk resistance and to really own the junk I dearly worship.

Photos taken at The Junk Shop of Canton, Canton, CT. 860-693-6039

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  1. As they say "it's all in the eye of the beholder". I think it does take a special person to spot the good "junk" that would just make a decorated room sing! :)