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Kitschy Thrifty Retro Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating Ideas from A Nice Jewish Girl aka The Kitschy Collector
Here is a post about Kitschy Christmas decorating from a nice Jewish girl who was born in Brooklyn surrounded by Menorahs. As the Kitschy Collector I do get around to all the Antique Malls, Flea Markets and second hand stores....And as expected this time of the year, I'm finding plenty of thrifty nifty Christmas decor from generations past. The best part of buying older Christmas decorations is finding new ways to use these colorful attractive ornaments and tchotkes (a little Yiddish for Christmas).

Buying Christmas Decor At Flea Markets

Some of these treasures are really worth paying attention to. Last week at the indoor Flea Market in Plainville, Connecticut there was quite a stash of older boxed and bulk Christmas ornaments, lights and decor. In one booth I thought I was back in my favorite Five and Dime Store where much of these items would be sold in the first place.

You could decorate your entire house for pocket change.

Re-Cycling Christmas Ornaments & Bulbs

Now while it is pretty safe to buy older Tree ornaments, it gets a little tricky when buying older
lights, bulbs and plug in items. It might make sense to ask the vendor if you can try out anything requiring electricity! BUT here is something retro cool to you have to use light bulbs as bulbs? Consider filling a glass bowl or colorful ceramic bowl with colorful light bulbs or even old bulb ornaments. Or mix a variety of Christmas bulbs and ornaments of different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Kitschy Christ
mas Wreath

Another Christmas Cool Idea is to form a Christmas wreath from a collection of older Christmas ornaments and bulbs. And be daring...add some other Christmas kitsch to your design such as Elves and wooden cut outs. Go crazy.....have some fun.

Kitschy Floral Arrangement

Oh, did I fall in love with this idea I found on You know how we all save the pretty package toppers and corsages from the holidays. Well how about making a "kitschy floral arrangement". Stuff those glitzy kitschy things into a retro vase and be totally hip this Christmas.

Other decor such as lighted candle sticks (which may or may not work now) ....could be re-cycled into a Christmas center piece. When I look at a great collection of older ornaments and decorative holiday accessories at a Flea Market, I might I use these fabulous kitschy and cheap holiday decor in a new way.

Christmas Kitsch To Look For:

1. Stuffed toys (Reindeers, Santas, Elves, Snowmen).
2. Old ornaments
3. Plastic decorations.
4. Snow Domes
5. Tree huggers
6. Package and gift toppers.
7. Corsages
8. garland
9. Beads
10. Christmas light bulbs
11, Wood cut outs

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  1. I LOVE kitschy vintage Christmas items. They remind me of Christmas at Grandma's house.I have tons of ornaments I have collected from many trips to thift shops and yard sales. I am always on the hunt!

  2. I love your blog. Stumbled on it looking for vintage Christmas graphics. I love all things vintage, myself.

  3. What a cool blog! Like Kim, I stumbled across it while looking for some ideas on 1950's holiday decorating! You've got some great ones! Wish I could now stumble across some flea market finds like yours! *drool!* Merry Christmas! ~Angela

  4. These are THE coolest xmas wreaths I have ever seen! I want one - no I want them all! ~ Diane

  5. Those wreaths were made by Suzie at Georgiapeachez,
    If you have never seen her blog you should check it out!

  6. Jenny,

    Im so glad you wrote me. I thought I covered everyone, thanks for the update,


  7. Dianne, I realize this is an old post, however, I don't mind if my photos are borrowed but please give me credit and a link. Most appreciated. Suzy

    1. Of course, Suzy, Im not sure how I missed that, my apologies!