Monday, September 27, 2010

Having Fun With Old Party, Baking And Pantry Collectibles

Unpacking Collectible Party And Pantry Goodies

How much fun is it finding a collectibles shop unpacking a fresh pick of old party and pantry collectibles.

What's In Grandma's Pantry?

Do you remember what your mom or grandma kept in their pantry? My grandmother had cans of plums and jars of Gefilte Fish. Not exactly items that I'd run to go out and collect today.

Visiting Queen Anne Antiques

But while antiquing in Canton, Connecticut, I stopped into Queen Anne Antiques and discovered a load better than plums! April, the owner, had just cleaned out the pantry of a family friend's estate. It appears from the stash that April came back with, that this older women had a pantry filled with goodies for those of us who adore party and baking collectibles.

Vintage Plastic Spoons And Forks

I fell in love with the plastic spoons and forks. In fact, I do remember eating my Dixie cups filled with Vanilla ice cream with these spoons. Other favorites were, straws, cake or cookie sprinkles,
spice tins, icing tips and more.

Most of these wonderful party related collectibles were $5.00-8.00 each.

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