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Adopt A Bathroom: Displaying Collectibles In Your Antique Mall Bathroom:

Bathrooms Are A Perfect Place For Displaying Collectibles, Vintage Wall Decor And Extra Storage

Are you running out of space for your collectibles in your shop, mall (or home) ? Well here is the perfect solution...adopt the bathroom. If you lease space in a large Group Shop or Antiques Mall, what does your bathroom look like? Can you adopt the space?

Is Your Bathroom Boring?

Is your bathroom boring? Do you have anything hanging on the walls? What about shelves, does your bathroom have any nooks and crannies? What can you do to change this space into display space?

Claim Your Ba

Don't waste any time....claim your bathroom. Here is what I did a few years back. I was renting space in a large Multi-Dealer shop with a stinky poopy bathroom. BUT it had lots of walls and plenty of room. In my mind, I could see the perfect make-over and now all I had to do was convince the owner of the Group Shop to offer me the additional space at no cost in exchange for making it look attractive or interesting and keeping it fresh and tidy. When the bathroom was done, shoppers loved to visit the bathroom!

Creating Shelves from Old Wooden Boxes

I mounted an assortment of different size wooden boxes (that had compartments or dividers) on the wall to create "shelves' and display boxes for small and cute collectibles. I used a vintage powder room- quirky theme and gathered up all the odds and ends that I didn't mind placing in the bathroom. I covered the walls with fun stuff!

If you have things that are "precious' you can also hang a locked glass cabinet on the wall if you have space. But I used the bathroom as an extra space to "store" and display the overflow from my booth and just displayed low value items.

What To Display In Your Vintage Bathroom

1. Old drugstore tins.
2. Vintage pharmacy bottle.
3. Old magazine advertising (beauty, fashion, hair, cosmetics).
4. Talc tins.
5. Baby and nursery accessories.
8. Quirky figurines.
9. Orphaned objects (one of a kind).
10. Old hats
11. Hair nets, hair pins, rollers.
12. Old hair blowers.
13. Shaving collectibles.
14. Nail accessories.
15. Vintage soap.
16. vanity collectibles.

Should You Worry About Missing Objects ?

When I converted the bathroom of the Group Shop I was leasing a booth in, I actually sold a lot of things out of the bathroom. I never put anything too good in the bathroom and I never worried about things that were missing. In fact, sometimes i really wanted some fo those good ole things to disappear.

Tips About Collectibles in Bathrooms

Be sure that you have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels and soap in a dispenser. You do not want people using your "collectibles' in place of the products they ought to be using.!

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  1. this is how I decorate my bathrooms at home and everyone loves it. Your post makes me want to go rearrange some of those things to make it look fresh! Vintage JoAnn