Saturday, September 18, 2010

Collecting Vintage Rooster Sewing Caddies

Sew Charming.......Rooster Caddies

How charming are these hand crafted Vintage Rooster Sewing Caddies? As you can see these handmade wooden rooster themed caddies usually have holders for thread spools, a scissor, pin cushions and sometimes even a drawer for sewing notions.

Red And White Roosters

Painted in red and white, I'm guessing these novelty items were from the 1940s or early 1950s when red, white and yellow kitchens and home accessories prevailed.

I wonder if they were kits found in magazines? I would love to discover some original instructions of some of this folk art style projects.

Rooster Sewing Caddies With Personality

If you look closer at these photos, you will see that these fellas have a lot of personality.Some of these wooden sewing holders have wings which are really pin cushions that are attached and made out of checked or gingham material.

The hand painted features in black paint are also personalized to give each sewing caddy a unique look.

To me, it would be so much fun to have a room filled with these roosters. you could name all your feathered friends!

Attention Rooster And Sewing Collectors

These type of collectibles have appeal to both collectors of all things "rooster" as well as collectors of old sewing accessories. And because so many collectors adore roosters, you will find that these collectibles can sell easily for $16.00-24.00. Try searching for these treasures on-line. I have found a grouping of them on eBay and other sites are also good places to search. You may also want to check in with shops that feature sewing collectibles.
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  1. Hello Dianne,
    I love sewing caddies. I have been collecting these for years and mine are all ducks...but a gal from the North Country can never have enough roosters so i think i will add a few of those to my collection as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoyed the post on the rooster sewing caddies! Seeing as you like roosters, you may like these as well:
    Thanks for linking to my blog!