Monday, April 5, 2010

Visiting Franks Garage : A Junk Shop In Wallingford, Connectiicut

Don't You Just Love Secret Junk Haunts?

Frank's Garage (a junk shop) in Wallingford Connecticut is one of those secret places that has a low profile from the outside. Once a thriving antique town, there are only a few shops left on Center Street and then there is Franks on Orchard Street, a side street off Center.

Junk Shopping Is A Journey Not A Destination

Junk shopping is an "art" not a science. Need I remind you that when junking in unfamiliar places you have to be willing to take your chances. You might find some cool things...or you may just go home empty handed and a little dusty. So if you don't mind a little adventure, you can give Wallingford Center a try.

Franks Garage in Wallingford Has Had A Makeover

Over the weekend, I went to the Redwood Country Flea Market (Wallintgford) and then worked my way back to the center of town where I made the rounds. I hadn't been to the area for awhile, and it seems that nothing has changed, except Frank's. If a junk store could have a makeover, Franks had it's junk-over. It seems that Frank's son organized the place and gave it a tidy look.

Hit Or Miss At Franks Garage in Wallingford

It's hard to describe Franks Garage (more like a shop than a garage)....dark, but cozy and friendly. I found lots of fun vintage magazines, some advertising items and a catalog from the 50s of household merchandise and gifts. I was pleased. Oh, I also came home with a bunch of never opened packages of green thumb tacks from the 1950's .

Franks carries used furniture, jewelry, knick knacks, collectibles and surprises with each visit. As you can see from the photo, for the right price you could also walk out with a vintage Coca Cola machine or old Jukebox.

Franks Garage Sales 203-284-3786

Visit The Half Moon Coffee And cafe at 50 North Main Street, Wallingford, CT

While in town, be sure to have lunch at the Half Moon Coffee and Cafe at 50 North Main Street. This is a favorite luncheon spot of mine.

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