Monday, April 5, 2010

Decorating With Colorful Vintage Dog Prints Salvaged From Old Children's Books

Precious Vintage Doggy Prints Are Adorable Wall Decor:

Vintage doggy prints salvaged from old children's books make delightful wall decor for so many rooms in your home. Often you will find these colorful pictures already framed. If not, simply look for old frames at tag sales and flea markets and do your own framing.

Looking For Old Children's Books With Colorful Pictures

By gosh, if you are lucky enough to find an old children's book that has plenty of color plates, you will have an instant collection in one easy sweep. So one tip I can offer is not to pass up browsing through a book that has a tattered or gross cover. In fact those are the books you want to look inside of. Because if the book was in very fine condition, chances are the price would be too high for you to start ripping pages out of.

Books That Are Falling Apart

So you want to look for books that are fallng apart. Or keep your eye out for dealers who have done some of this work for you. I recently bought several framed prints similar to the ones shown here for about $15.00-18.00. Remember thaey were already framed.

Where To Hang Vintage Dog Prints

Sweet doggy prints look adorable in a child's room, baby nursery, powder room , kitchen and playroom. Next to owning the dogs that appear in these sweet prints, how much fun can you have? And you may just want to mix up the styles, sizes and types of dogs. Or if you are a fan of one particular breed, narrow your search to your favorite canine pal.

These prints c ame from the collection of
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  1. Great idea! I have a book I love called "The Playful Little Dog" with gorgeous illustrations of a Boston Terrier. I don't think I would want to cut my copy, but I will look for another one that's not in such great shape.

  2. I am a major dog lover, and enjoy the vintage images of dogs. Would you say the Scottie and the Boston Terrier were the two most popular mid-century dogs? I own two Westies, which aren't so commonly depicted. Still, I've started a little collection of vintage Westie figures. I'll have to find some wall art too.....