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Using S & H Stamp Plan Catalogs To Identify And Date Kitchen And Home Collectibles

Learning About Your Kitchen Collectibles From Stamp Plan Catalogs Such As Sperry and Huchinson (S and H).

Stamp plan catalogs such as S and H Green Stamps (Sperry and Huchinson) and others (Triple S Stamps, Blue Chip Stamps and Plaid Stamps), are valuable resources for identifying and dating kitchen collectibles and other household goods. Trading stamps were popular form the 1930s-1980s).

Today's Collectibles, Yesterdays Rewards Gifts

Many housewares and home accessories that collectors bring home today to use or decorate with in their vintage kitchens came redemption centers.

Remembering Green Stamps

I clearly remember my mom pasting her green stamps in chunky little booklets which she brought to the local S & H Gift Center. Redemption centers were similar to a department store. You would find sections of small appliances, outdoor furniture, kitchenwares, cookware, toys, bathroom, furnishings, garden etc.

How Much Do Catalogs Go For?

There were many different premium or stamp plan companies besides S and H. You can find these catalogs on online sites and auctions as well as in antique shops which offer vintage paper items. I usually pay $3.00-10.00 for 1950s and 1960s catalogs. I have not yet come across earlier catalogs and would imagine the price to be a bit higher.

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  1. I remember my mom saving her stamps and it was such a thrill when she saved several books and we got to go through the catalog and pick out our "prize."
    When I was first married in 1983 my mother in law gave me her remaining stamps and I purchased a bunny cookie jar and a T-Fal frying pan. Shortly after that the store closed.
    Thanks for reminding me of those fun times.

  2. I remember those stamps, too.
    I have a popcorn popper very similar to the one pictured, and I still use it occasionally!

  3. Yes, I remember the stamp books! Wish they still had them! ♥

  4. I remember the excitement of pouring over the catalog, trying to decide what to get with our stamps! I would love to find one of those catalogs some day!