Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Is The Difference Between Recycling And Upcycling?

 Upcycling Is Eco Friendly  

For quite  some time now I  have been fumbling with the terms "re-cycling versus up-cycling". I often confuse the two ideas and no amount of reading up until today has straightened out my confusion. But today I have finally gotten to the bottom of these two terms.

Thanks to a blogger at I am confident that I have just learned about "what up-cycling" is in the clearest description.

Here is what Releve Design says:


When we’re done with magazines or plastic bottles we usually throw them away. Sometimes we reuse them. Other times we recycle. Recycling actually downgrades the material. For instance, the quality of plastic lessens each time it’s recycled. Different types of plastics and impurities get mixed together, weakening the plastic. Fortunately, there’s a better way to deal with waste, and that’s upcycling.
Upcycling is a special type of repurposing. In general, repurposing puts things to use in a different way than originally intended. Repurposing is not always eco-friendly, especially when it uses new and usable things. Upcycling is an eco-friendly way of repurposing, because it only uses unwanted and discarded materials and transforms them into something new, desirable, and more valuable.

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  1. The "more valuable" is the key to upcycling, the making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

  2. The key to upcycling is making it "more valuable", the silk purse fron the sow's ear!