Sunday, April 7, 2013 Cheaper Than Therapy And Great For Relaxation

Pinning On Is Good For Your Mental Health

Now that I have retired as a psychotherapist and identify myself as an
ARTIST...and kitschy collector, I'm not thinking too much about "psych" stuff...mine or anyone elses. Hmm, I suppose there is a deeper explanation here. Perhaps making art soaks up all my crazy stuff ..... It's channeled into my work. And when I need a  break from art, schedules, family and life...than I can always count on the pleasure I get when going antiquing.

The Urge to Go Junk Collecting

Recently I have discovered  another way to feed my junk collecting urges. I can now go antiquing on at this time is is not a buying and selling site. (although the site is used as a marketing tool for many businesses). Think of as a super sized virtual  scrapbook that you get to create to suit your own tastes, interests and  collecting habits.
Building Boards

 The member builds what are called "boards" ( bulletin ) that you "pin" photographs onto of items that you like. Photographs come from other members, your computer photo file or sources on the  internet. I s Like Children's Lotto For Adults

 I have decided that is like playing lotto bingo as a kid. Remember this game, you  have a board that  you match objects to. You place the cat on the cat spot and the dog on the dog spot  etc. until you have filled the board.  On Pinterest I am building my boards, like the old fashioned lotto game. So when a vintage red kitchen bowl appears on the Main page of the site  I can "repin" that  bowl onto my "Kitschy Kitchen Bowl" board.

Pinning Boards Is Like Doodling: Mindless Relaxation

[Source: Piemouth.] This task  of hunting for collectibles on and than pinning photographs on categories of  boards that I have created is like get swept away from the left side of your brain to the right side of your brain in mindless yet satisfying constructions of virtual bulletin boards. Try pinning on while pretending to be watching the news coverage you will enjoy the distraction. Pinning on is cheaper and safer than an antidepressant or tranquilizer and it's FREE.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, Dianne. I've amassed collections of vintage wrapping paper, travel posters and glamorous evening dresses without spending a dime! Pinterest has saved a nutty collector like me thousands of dollars! Thanks for your fun posts :)

  2. I could pin ALL DAY I love it so much !! (Monica)

  3. Dianna, you have validated my habit! I love it and am excited to find you there and follow your collections too.
    Happy Pinning,