Saturday, April 13, 2013

Having Coffee Or Tea With Virtual Friends On I Antique

Socializing With Friends On I Antique Neighbors From Around The World

Oh how I miss the days of sharing a cup of coffee or tea with neighbors. The days of close apartment living or dorm rooms with friends coming and going are gone. Now I enjoy the company of over 12,000  antique friends on I Antique I usually have my morning tea right at my computer and visit with so many online friends who have joined  I Antique  the largest social network on asntiques and collectibles, co founded by me (C. Dianne Zweig)  and Scott Liscomb.
Chatting With Collectors Across The Globe

The beauty of social networking is that I can have friends all across the globe and feel as if they are "next door neighbors". One gal who is a very active member of IAO lives in South Africa and we are like two ships crossing in the night. Our "conversations" are alwasys a day behind but when you are on a virtual network, you don't even notice the distance and time change.

Each morning I check in with the community and I always  awake to a healthy and growing list of potential members waiting for me to approve their membership. The morning usually brings the potential members who are from Europe and other areas beyond the USA. While I am asleep in the States, collectors from  Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand  etc. are busy checking out IAO and waiting for me to wake up and click on the button that allows them to join our vibrant and friendly community. Welcome aboard to all......are you a member yet? Click here:

Some of the photos shown were oiginally  pinned to my board called "Kitschy Thrifty Housewife" .  The housewife carrying the cake came from and the Chase and Sanborn image came from .

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