Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farmington Valley Art Center, Avon, CT. Hosted Mixed Media Weekend Workshop By Artist Lynn Gall

The Mixus Gals Were Back in Classroom 3A At The Farmington Valley Art Center, Avon, Ct.

It was great to be back in classroom 3A at the Farmington Valley Art Center with some of the gals of Mixus, a group of Connecticut Mixed media artists who originally met at FVAC a number of years ago while taking lots of classes together. Art (top) by C. Dianne Zweig

Lynn Gall
Returns to

The Mixus mates, joined by another student and FVAC veteran, re-united with their friend and mixed media art instructor Lynn Gall for a busy Mixed media weekend workshop at The Farmington Valley Arts Center. Lynn returned to FVAC following a few years abroad and now residing in NYC.

Artwork (with letters) is by Jill Henderson Pasanen.

Weekend Challenge: Mixed Media Grid Design

Lynn showed workshop members examples of artwork with a grid design. With a little bit of inspiration.....we all got very industrious and down to work. As is usually the case, we only came up for air two times, lunch on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

Artist Lynn Gall

Otherwise we were all knee deep in paint, papers and STUFF. Carolyn Tertes and Jill Henderson Pasanen (below) were tied for bringing with them the most boxes and bags filled with painted papers. Bunny Millan probably brought in as many mixed media materials as Carolyn and Jill but her very neat stash is deceptive. She conceals more.

Jill Pasanen
at the easle

Collage Medium
Glue Stick

I'm the outlaw, not digging messy stuff as much as the other Mixus gals , I brought a few glue sticks, my paint and pastels and begged Carolyn and Jill for a few pieces of their fabulous papers. Beverly Spence, a FVAC frequent flyer who loves collage and is an amazing artist, was new to working with all the mixed media STUFF. We are breaking her in.

Carolyn Tertes triptych

Critique Time

Beverly Spence & Carolyn Tertes

On Sunday after we cleaned up our work stations we reviewed our work in the critique session.This is a very exciting dimension of the weekend workshop when the group has a chance to take a look at how each of the members resolved their artistic challenges.

Deep in thought is Bunny Milan listening to the critique.

While the workshop is going on, we are all glued (no pun intended) to our own projects in progress and not really thoroughly involved with what's happening to the to the artist's work. Lynn is busy consulting with each and everyone of us, but it isn't until the end of the weekend session that all of the workshop participants sit back and get a chance to see what each artist has accomplished. I can tell you that it was a very productive weekend for all of us who attended this workshop...we produced a lot of successful pieces.

When Is Lynn Returning To FVAC ?

Rumor has it that Lynn will be back to The Farmington Valley Arts Center in January and in March.
For more information about Mixed Media workshops at FVAC or other wonderful classes and workshops, visit: Visit C. Dianne Zweig's studio at FVAC

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