Thursday, November 10, 2011

Visiting Ray's Gallery: Stained Glass And Mixed Media Watercolors: Windsor Connecticut

Whimsical Art Studio in Windsor Connecticut Features Mixed Media And Stained Glass

Stained Glass Room Divider

What a treat visiting Rosalie and Ray Gustafson, both artists who have a whimsical gallery and Frame shop called "Ray's" at 53 Poqonock Avenue in Windsor, CT. Rosalie always shares lots of her art tips and makes you feel right at home in her showroom. The shop is small but carefully planned to make every nook and cranny count.

Windsor, CT Art Gallery

I am a frequent visitor to this wonderful art gallery. Recently, Ray had a room divider made with stained glass centered in the middle of the shop.

Rosalie was wrapping a watercolor of a winter scene of the Brooklyn bridge that she was sending to a relative. I loved that painting and was sad to see it leave the shop.

Cityscape Sytrofoam Printing

Rosalie enjoys variety in her work and often mixes her media to create interesting textures. One of her favorite techniques is to cut a landscape or cityscape design into a piece of Styrofoam (the kind found in the meat section of the grocery store) and to coat with paint and print with. She has done many paintings with a city scape theme that she starts out with the technique just mentioned. Than she collages painted or printed papers onto the original painting.

Take Home Ideas And Art

Rosalie sent me home with a piece of Styrofoam and even began to draw into it with a pointed object. She wants me to give this style a try. I have been carrying the Styrofoam in my pocketbook for almost two weeks. But I am ready to give this idea a try. In fact I asked the butcher clerk at my local supermarket for some clean Styrofoam trays. He was very generous.

"Potted" Paint Brushes

When I was about to leave Roaslie and Ray , I spotted a "potted plant" of foam paint brushes. Rosalie dipped her foam brushes into paint to simulate flowers and arranged them in a painted flower pot. I wanted to buy the potted paint brushes but she said it was a store prop. In her usual giving way, she explained to me how to make one. Thanks Rosalie for sharing your art ideas.

Ray's Gallery and Frame Shop
53 Poquonock Ave.
Windsor, CT.


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