Thursday, October 6, 2011

Altered Doll Assemblages: Using Up Your Vintage Junk

Creating Dolls Out of Vintage Junk

I would love to be able to try my hand at making Altered Doll Assemblages out of vintage odds and ends. Like many of you who are reading my blog, we are a group that enjoys collecting and saving everything!. Right now in my garage are at least four large plastic boxes filled with "stuff" that I am saving for a future craft project (I think).

What's In My Boxes Of Saved Junk

Broken china plates.
Orphaned shakers.
Missing puzzle pieces.
Lids without bottoms.
Vases without handles.
Books without covers.
Bent kitchen tools.
Dolls without legs or arms.
Cracked bowls.
Toy parts.
Naked trolls.
Twisted toy kitchen utensils.
Rusty tins.
Old keys.
Toy money.
Cups without saucers.
Maimed dolls.
Chipped figurines.
Unknown parts.
Vintage plastic lids.
Old jewelry parts.
Broken necklaces.
Torn rubber toys.
Ripped old paper fans.
Yo-Yos without string.
Thermos top.
Plastic vintage spoon.
Jar covers.
Wooden game pieces.

Surely, I could make a vintage inspired assemblage doll? So what is stopping me? I'll avoidance is related to Epoxy! After once making an assemblage for a charity auction ( I made "Mah Jongg Lady" out of a brick), I was traumatized by using Epoxy.It was an adhesive nightmare. If readers could share some tips about making doll assemblages that are user friendly...I'm willing to try. Feel free to spill the beans.

By the way, what's in your junk boxes?

These lovely dolls were found at Woodstock Antiques in Woodstock, CT.

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  1. Love this idea - invoked images of Toy Story mean kid, but I still want to try one of these. Thanks for the share

  2. Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing! Fresh ideas for old junk (uh, I mean treasures!)Would also like to hear from others on adhesives.

  3. Oh, yeah I got a stash of little junk to turn into of these days. Sorry, I don't know what glue/adhesive to use yet...Epoxy spells asphyxiation to me...I don't wanna die for my own, what could be, bad art. lol. I just try to make little things out of the junk I save. Making miniature items for my dollhouses is so easy from all this stuff we normally would toss.

  4. I adore your doll box art made from this and that. I have been collecting to do mixed media and love the hunt to find the right things however I never know what is right until I just sit down (which is hard for me) and start making not know what will end up!

    I love the strainer skirt! What an imaginative idea!
    Smiles, Cyndi