Monday, October 24, 2011

Building A Successful Social Network On Antiques And Collectibles

Antique Social Networks: Keeping Them Fresh & Engaging

I get asked all the time, "Why is your site I Antique working out so well?. My standard answer is, "build it right and they shall come" (paraphrased) ....remember the movie Field of Dreams ?
But what exactly is meant by "build it right " ?

Social Media For Antique Dealers & Collectors

If truth be known, when I I joined Scott Liscomb (co-founder of I Antique, SOCIAL MEDIA was a new VOCAB word for me. I was a clueless newbie not unlike many of "mature" folks who find their way onto I Antique This is not to say that I am mature....but I am clueless about tech things.

Antique Has 188 Group Forums For Collectors, Buyers, Sellers

But one thing I knew was that if you offer something worthwhile, people will come. In the case of a site about antiques and collectibles, what I offered members was lots and lots of group forums. I nurtured each one so that from humble beginnings each of the over 188 group forums developed as exciting, active places for like minded people to have conversations about a particular collecting topic. In addition to talking about kitchen collectibles or vintage jewelry or antique lighting etc., members have an opportunity to post photos of their favorite collectibles.

How To Build Strong Group Forums On Social Networks

The trick to keeping social networks on antiques and collectibles healthy is to "feed them". In other words, you have to provide plenty of nourishment in the way of fresh ideas, new blog articles, engaging forum posts, plenty of colorful photographs, relevant news features, guest authors etc. And you must, clean house often.

Drastic Measures

If a particular group is starving for attention...drastic measures may need to be taken, but first there are some remedies you can try to boost engagement.
You might have to change the moderator of a sleepy group, jump in (as editor) and guest moderate, recruit a heavy hitter to take over the group, post some exciting content in the group, send out a broadcast message to all members of the site etc. And if all else fails, you might have to take down a boring group and re-build it with a twist form scratch. Some groups seem to need a better karma.

Don't Abandon a Lazy Group On A Social Network

The worst thing you can do is to abandon a lazy group. I Antique is a fun, fresh and friendly place for buyers, sellers and collectors of antiques and collectibles. Be sure to visit us at:

C. Dianne Zweig
is the author of Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s and Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes. She is also the Editor of I Antique Online an actively growing internet based resource community for people who buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art. You can find Dianne’s fabulous retro and vintage kitchen, home and cottage collectibles at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT, a 22,000 feet antique emporium with an in-house retro cafĂ©.To read more articles by C. Dianne Zweig click on this link: C. Dianne Zweig’s Blog Kitsch ‘n Stuff Email me at dianne@cdiannezweig.comVisit my website, CDianneZweig.comDianne is a member of:The American Society of Journalists and AuthorsThe Society of Professional Journalists

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