Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink And Turquoise Kitchen Collectibles At Kitsch n Stuff

Retro 1950s
Kitchen Collectib
les At Kitsch n Stuff:
A Collection With Personality

I finally got over to my shop Kitsch n Stuff at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT to do a partial make-over of my booth. Inspired by some new finds that I picked up over the weekend, I rally had an easy time re-decorating "Kitsch n Stuff.

Hello Pink And Turquoise

Today I mixed Retro kitchen collectibles of pink, turquoise with some blue and white. I have to say, it all worked out quite well. The secret in mixing so many colors together is that all of the housewares and kitchen collectibles I used were from the same time period, the 1950s.

Using A Vintage Tablecloth To Organize Colors

I used a colorful 1950s's tablecloth on top of my pull out Hoosier Cabinet baking surface. Than I added a cute white and blue wooden cabinet and a nifty turquoise tiered snack tray to anchor the vignette before I added coordinated glassware, teacups, textiles etc.

A Carousel Of Retro Collectibles

One of my favorite additions was using the bottom tray of the turquoise snack tray to hold a set of Demitasse cups. How cute is that? By the way, wouldn't a grouping of cupcakes look fab on the turquoise Retro snack tray?

What Shall I Put In The Cabinet Drawers?

I also want to return to my booth and add some collectibles to the cute little drawers in the white and blue cabinet. Perhaps some jewelry or doilies? I'm not sure how much age the cabinet has, but it sure caught my eye. So sweet. Now that I think of it, this adorable cabinet would look great in a vintage nursery to organize all the baby's accessories and supplies. Or it would work in a kitchen or even powder room. So many ideas!

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