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When to Open An Antique Booth Or Shop?

Choosing The Best Time To Move Into A Group Antique Shop Or Antique Mall

Many more people are interested in selling the antiques and collectibles that they have acquired over the years. Some folks are just natural collectors, while others have dabbled in the buying and selling of antiques and collectibles for years, but never took the leap into owning a small shop or a booth in an Antique mall.

Is There A Good Time To Open An Antique Shop or Antiq
ue Booth?

Let's say you have decided to take space in an ANTIQUE MALL or rent some space in a group shop? When is the best time to make the plunge? Is there a good time and a bad time?
Here is what I have learned about the biz over the years and also from being the Editor of the largest Antique social network I Antique

Fall Into Your New Antique Business

Business picks up in the late Fall through the Christmas holiday season. People go out shopping and business is very lively. So you might consider moving into an antique booth in the early Fall.

Winter Blues or Winter Bonanza
When Opening An Antique Shop

In the Northeast, when the weather starts to get COLD and there is snow on the slows down. But it may also be a time to find a good deal on rental space. Owners of Antique Malls want to fill all their spaces and showcases so you may have a better time negotiating a good lease deal.

Do You Need A Quiet Time To Start?

The heart of the winter is also a quieter time for most people and you may just find this a good time to devote to setting up your business. But remember, it's harder to move cabinets, shelves, display cases etc. in icy weather. Never the less, it can be done. G-d only know, I have been there and done it. The good nes about moving in the winter months is that you will be good to go in the Spring.

Spring Into Action For Opening An Antique Store Or Booth

Now while the Spring is a nice time for people to be out and about shopping, it sometimes is alos a time when people are fussing with their lawns. So business can go up and down. In some areas, close to vacation spots, traffic increases according to the crowds. Ski resorts may bring in winter traffic, whereas beach areas see a swell of people in the warm summer months.

But be careful about moving into a antique booth or antique shop in the middle of the's HOT and the work load may be a bit much!

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