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Who Can I Hire For An Estate Sale Or Tag Sale?

Ask For Help When Liquidating Mom's House

The Good Stuff May Not Be In The China Closet

Should you hire a professional to run an Estate Sale or Tag Sale when you are selling off the contents of a parent's home? Or should you engage family members and conduct a tag sale or yard sale yourself ? Unless you have a super helpful family with a lot of time and knowledge.....I say you are nuts to do it yourself.

Running An Estate Sale Is A BIG Job

Running an estate sale is a BIG JOB! And from the volumes of emails I receive asking me to advise family members about whether what they have to sell has any value? I would say that bringing in someone who has experience on these matters is really critical. I have read many emails that have pictures attached to them with great things that would be of great interest to many buyers as well as looked at photos of items that were in very rough shape and work a few dollars at the most.

Hidden Treasures At An Estate Sale

But sometimes the stuff which seems like it in very "rough" shape is actually the hidden treasure.. You really need to know what the market iit is where you are. What folks are looking for in Manhattan may be very different than what they buy in a small town elsewhere.

What I have learned over the years is that the really "good stuff" may not be in the China Closet, but in the basement, garage or attic. Come on, you all have watched all these new T.V. Reality Shows on antiques and collectibles. Where are they poking around? Not in the Curio cabinet but in the rafters of the garage or storage areas.

Grandma Chic Versus Industrial Chic

In today's market, "Industrial Chic" is in, "Grandma Chic" is out. An old rusty factory table or stool may be of more interest to buyers than a nice Maple kitchen table. How crazy is that. I vote for bringing in a professional, someone who has been in the business for awhile and is well networked with auction Houses, antique stores, collectors and experts.
Even if the home that you are trying to liquidate is filled rooms of bric-a-brac and ordinary "used furniture", it is still a big deal to try to organize, price and sell off all these things. Why make the job harder than it has to in a professional Estate or Tag Sale service.

Introducing Estate Mavens

For more information about this topic, visit Estate Mavens
Estate Mavens is a resource group which you will find on my site I Antique
You will find all the help you need to learn more about what you have to sell and who can help you.

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