Monday, April 18, 2011

Cooking A Tradtional Passover Brisket: It's A Love-Hate Relationship

Preparing Brisket For Passover: Tips From The Kitschy Collector

I have a love-hate relationship with Brisket. When I am an invited guest to a home that serves a delicious Brisket, I am in heaven. But when the tables are turned and I am the hostess preparing a Brisket.......I am in agony. Why are briskets so unpredictable?

Briskets Have A Mind Of Their Own : Double The Cooking Time

I have yet to see a Brisket cook in the amount of time that every recipe book states is the ideal cooking time. I would say, that my experience is to DOUBLE the time that these tricky Briskets take to cook. For example, if a recipe says 3 hours....forget it...think SIX . Now before we go any further, I may be the author of several books and many articles about kitchen collectibles, BUT when it comes to cooking a Brisket...I am no authority,
so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

Never Experiment With A New Brisket Recipe Before A Major Holiday Such As Passover

And that is exactly what my Brisket needed last night...SALT. Salt can fix up any recipe. Here is the problem I ran into. I decided to try a new Brisket recipe. Now here is some sound advice.....never try a new recipe the night before a MAJOR holiday dinner (Passover Seder). Cooking experimentation should be done on a minor holiday...such as Ground Hog Day.

Start Cooking Your Brisket EARLY In The Day

Here are some other tips to consider. Don't start cooking a Brisket too late in the day or you will be slicing your meat at midnight! And don't plan to eat anything on the day of your cooking. I tasted my Brisket so many times while I was preparing it that I AM SICK OF IT NOW.

Slice The Brisket Against The Grain: LOL ......It Doesn't Mean A Darn Thing

And my last comment to you......what the heck does "slicing it against the grain" mean ?
I thought I had this part down to a science. Not a chance.......thank goodness, I have a back up Rock Cornish Hen meal in the oven as we speak. Oops...gotta go.....time to return to holiday preparations.

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  1. Here is a foolproof brisket recipe from my ex-husband:

    1 brisket
    1 bottle liquid smoke (around 4 oz)

    Trim most of the fat from the whole brisket leaving a thin layer, about 1/8 inch. Salt and pepper brisket all over. Put large piece of wide heavy duty aluminum foil down in large roasting pan. Lay brisket down in pan and pour whole bottle of liquid smoke over top of brisket. Wrap foil around entire brisket and seal as best you can. Cover with roasting pan lid and bake at 250 degrees for one hour per pound of meat. This recipe is awesome!

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