Friday, April 1, 2011

Kvelling After Watching Howie Mandel's "Mobbed" On Fox T.V..... Pure Joy!

"Everlasting Love" Is The Song Which Plays As "Mobbed" On Fox T.V. Brings Us A Show About Contagious Love And Joy.

What exactly do you watch after American Idol? Well last night, Howie Mandel brought us "Mobbed" a new Fox special which has nothing to do with gangs and everything to do with a spontaneous wedding goes viral ...or is it wedding goes flash mob! The idea of a contagion effect is exploited to bring total strangers together on the street in celebration of a young couple's secret wedding.

All I can say is that I kvelled during the entire show. Kvell is a perfect Yiddish word to describe what I was feeling as I watched this wedding in the making unfold. Utter JOY....I was sitting on the edge of my seat with a beaming smile across my face.

Howie Mandell Produces "Mobbed' On Fox T.V.

Howie, master prankster, I got to hand it to you , as the producer and creator of this succeeded! Crazy fun....imagine walking into your grandiose wedding in the middle of the street with the cast of total strangers dancing and singing to "Everlasting Love" .

Justin Proposes To Nikki While A Mob Of Dancers Await To Hear From The Bride To Be

The groom (Justin) knows what is gong on, but the clueless bride (Nikki) is going along for the ride. Nikki has no idea that choreographer’s Tabitha and Napoleon have been recruited to teach a mob (1000 people) how to dance in public when she arrives to meet her groom to be (a secret Nikki is not in on) . Nikki thinks she is attending a social event as a lucky couple who are treated to a VIP evening. She has no idea she is about to attend the celebration of her life...first the very public marriage proposal and then her wedding watched by millions on T.V. and witnessed by a mob of strangers!

We watch this drama unfold as the kooky Mandel plans this grand prank. Pure joy....... it's about time we watched a mob gather for PURE JOY! Loved the show........I'm ready for more.

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