Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tips About Renting A Booth In An Antique Mall Or Group Shop

Location, Location, Location......Where Will Your Antique Booth Be Located ?

I swore when I moved into The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, Connecticut a few years ago that once I moved into my assigned spot, that I was never moving again. I mean I had SO MUCH stuff ...the thought of moving (even from one space in the store to another) was insane. Well after plenty of time in the back of my Mall, I gave in and decided I could pack and move after all.

Moving Uptown (Upfront)

So after a better piece of real estate materialized, I packed up my booth and moved "uptown" (to the front of the store) a few weeks ago. I am happy as a lark. The new location is fabulous. And what perks the new spot has...I am a stone throws from the powder room and close to the entrance to the shop (easier schlepping ).

Challenging Spots In An Antique Mall

Now I have been in many different Group Shops over the years and have a good deal of experience with all kinds of spaces. I happen to like odd spots....I enjoy the challenge of making them work. I have even had an annex spot in the bathroom of one of the stores I rented from.

The truth is..if you have items of interest to others....people will find you, no matter where you are in a big Antique Mall. But if you had to decide where in the shop to go....there are some issues to consider..

Questions To Think About When Renting Antique Booth Space

So what can I tell you about getting ready to rent a space in an Antique Mall
mall? Here are some ideas to think about.

1. Does your booth have good lighting?

2. Do you have built in wall space? (Important if you have a lot of pictures).

3. Is your booth on an end of an aisle where traffic is? (Premier space). Can you place shelving units towards the aisle?

4. Who is next to you, near you, across from you? (Will you be buried, lost, overshadowed?) Are you near similar or different dealers. What is your preference?

5. Which way does the traffic seem to flow in your Group Shop? (Watch the movement)

6. Can you hang lighting fixtures for sale and other items above your booth?

7. Are there any built in shelves in your booth? Are their natural walls? Are their any structural "quirks" taking up your space?

8. Is your booth large enough for furniture? Can you fit a showcase in your booth?

9. Is there electricity in or near your booth?

10. Are you close to the front desk? (I was rented space next to the register..great location).

11. Do you mind being on the second floor or basement level? Is the rent much less for these options?

12. Is there a lot of staff on the floor to help customers and to open showcases? Watch the activity first hand.

Postscript: Often it takes time before you learn about the premier spots in any given Antique Mall. In very good Antique Malls you may have to work your way up to the better real estate.
If there is truly a waiting list in the mall you are after, keep checking with the owner. Many times it is all a matter of timing. Stick with it, and be wary of a place that has a lot of openings....
busy and successful Antique Malls are worth the wait. And by all means talk to as many dealers as you can before hand and get the inside scoop.

C. Dianne Zweig is the author of Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s and Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes. She is also the Editor of an actively growing internet based resource community for people who buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art. You can find Dianne’s fabulous retro and vintage kitchen, home and cottage collectibles at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT, a 22,000 feet antique emporium with an in-house retro cafĂ©.To read more articles by C. Dianne Zweig click on this link: C. Dianne Zweig’s Blog Kitsch ‘n Stuff Email me at dianne@cdiannezweig.comVisit my website, CDianneZweig.comDianne is a member of:The American Society of Journalists and AuthorsThe Authors Guild, Inc.


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  2. Any tips if you don't quit have enough stuff to have a both but have a few antiques you are looking to sell. Are there good websites to post these pieces on that I am missing?