Monday, July 26, 2010

Wake-Up Baby Boomers: 1940s -1950s Playsuits , Rompers, Jumpers Are Back In Style

Remember Wearing Rompers And Playsuits?

Hold the presses.....1940s and 1950's Playsuits, Rompers and Jumpers have returned. But after spotting these cute numbers at a local trendy shop this weekend, I'm wondering if anyone over size 6 could actually wear the blousy Rompers without looking like a pumpkin.

Vocab For Playsuits, Rompers, Jumpers

Here is the scoop...Playsuits, Rompers and jumpsuits are generally one piece. Back in the day, Playsuits described casual summer wear which could be for "play" or swim. Rompers were similar to Playsuits but sometimes a bit more blousy, Jumpsuits could be short or long.

Just like the vintage cuties, you will find the updated versions in solids, exciting tropical prints, abstracts, plaids, geometrics. And it seems they are making them in plenty of easy care fabrics and styles to choose from.

Playsuits And Rompers Attracting Twenty-Something Gals

Ooh La, La, a trendy boutique in Avon, CT had a store filled with these retro inspired comfy apparel (newly manufactured) and the twenty something gals were thrilled to try them on. They had no idea their moms and grandma's wore them back in the 1940s and 1950s.

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  1. I absolutely adore rompers and jumpsuits. I wore many in the 80s and last year ordered a bright orange vintage 80s romper from ebay. They're super comfty.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    I love your post on this. There is something so nice about the way the covers of the patterns of those days were designed. I still have a few, including a few old copies of Ladies Home Journal (which my mother had a subscription at in Holland).
    My blog is not at all about my truly biggest passion 'haute couture'. Out of interest I followed a design training and noticed that all modern designs are based old designs. We always see back details of what has been before. New materials used gives it a new lift.
    I found your blog through Sweet Bee Cottage and will start reading yours now.

    As a baby boomer with overweight I would really look ridiculous in the balloon shorts!! And I laugh at that whole heartedly. It is for the very young and very slim ones between us. Thanks for showing is these pretty pictures.

    Have a happy day!
    Jacoba, from Holland with a wall to wall Delft blue sky.