Thursday, July 8, 2010

Collecting 1970s Kitchen Linens: Hello Pink, Green And Black!

Pink, Green, Black Textiles: Returning To The 1970s

Sometimes you just have to let a little 1970's into your shop or home. I couldn't resist these pink, black and green textiles which I found last week at a local shop. Now they are in my shop "Kitsch n Stuff".

I'm Partial To The 40s And, 50s

As you already know, I am apt to buy tablecloths and linens from the 1940s, and 1950s, but sometimes you just need a little change. And last week, I came home with an arm filled with 1970's tablecloths, towels, potholders, fabrics etc.

Classic 1970s Patterns

I'll be honest, it will take more time for these 70ish textiles to sell, but I had to have these treasures which were in mint condition and still with the original labels. The patterns are vintage Disco Age, flowers, mushrooms, geometrics, repeating patterns.

70's Stuff Move Slower Than 40s And 50s In Shops

Collectibles from the 60s and 70s move a lot slower in my shop which is in New England. In other markets, such as large cities or on-line there may be more interest.

I find it a little puzzling that the 60s and 70s sit longer in my shop. After all if you have been following the trends in retail stores, you are seeing more housewares and textiles in these very same colors. Younger women are buying items in these colors, but it is another story to get younger gals into antique shops.

Mushroom Dish Towels

Take a look at those mushroom dish towels ?
The design says 60s, but for sure the colors say 70s. For those of us who remember the 50s, 60s, can just tell the color differences of each of the decades. And its not only the colors...but the combination of colors.

Pinks And Greens Vary By Decade

Pink and green kitchen collectibles from the 30s and 40s looks nothing like pink and green from the 70s. In the earlier decades, the colors are soft, sweet and charming. In the 70s......the colors are OUCH!

Mossy-Olive Green And Kelly Green

Its that Mossy-Olive Green color which screams 70s or the combo of Mossy Green and Kelly Green. Both were popular in 1970s kitchen and homes. At least the linens shown in these photos have some life to them. So much of the 70s were earth tones that were as exciting as a week old salad! Now that's a visual you want to forget real soon.

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  1. I'm with you on the colors you usually like, but those 70s linens look great (and some day I'm sure they'll be as popular as the 40s and 50s stuff is). I bought an orange flour sifter with a hot-pink label the other day. It makes me wince a little, but some one will love it!

  2. Where do you sell your items? I would love to take a look!