Saturday, July 24, 2010

Collecting 1950s Anodized Aluminum And Metal Housewares

Popular 1950s Kitchenwares

These kitchen collectibles are right out of a 1950s kitchen for sure. I had to share these wonderful
examples of Atomic Era housewares which I discovered on Persimmon Lane on Etsy.Com.

1950s Aluminum Beverage Set

Look how great these colorful aluminum beverage tumblers look. It is so hard to find them in such good shape and in a complete set.

These tumblers are marked "Hawthorn" and include eight "glasses" total with two of each color, red, blue, gold and greenish yellow.

Metal Canister Set For Tea, Coffee, Flour, Sugar

And those of us who grew up during the 50s, remember the metal canister sets that were so typically found on Mom's Formica counter top to store coffee, team sugar and flour. This set is also from the collection on Persimmons Lane.

Paper Towel, Foil, Wax Paper Wall Dispenser

Last but not least is the metal wall dispenser (from Persimmons Lane) which held paper towels, foil and wax paper. Oh yes, wax paper was very big back in the 50s. These dispensers seem like such a great idea, I wonder why they lost popularity?

Need I tell you that when you buy aluminum or metal kitchen collectibles, be sure to look for scratches, dents, rust and wear. By the way, I have a wall dispenser in mint condition in my shop. I took it out of its original box to display it..peeling plastic wrap off the metal. So if you want more than one of these... you now know where you can find two!

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  1. My grandmother had all of those in her kitchen! I especially love the metal tumblers, which sweat when filled with something cold. We had little stretchy covers to put on our glasses to keep our hands from getting wet. Thanks for the memories!

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  3. We had these glasses in our 1950s kitchen in two sizes. Cottage cheese was packaged in them and available at the grocery store or delivered by the milkman. My aunt had a large matching pitcher.

  4. I remember these from my childhood and hope to have some one day! ♥

  5. I love the beverage set! My mum still has a small picnic set like these that come in a leather zip up cover. So colourful, I always use one when I visit her!