Friday, February 5, 2010

Where Do Junk Collectors Hunt For Freebies, Bargains And The Best Deals ?

Everyone is After Great Junk

With so many folks hopping onto the junk wagon, junk is becoming a precious commodity. Economic times are miserable and it seems that everyone is into re-cycling, buying on the cheap and finding fabulous JUNK.

Competition in The Junk World

Just what we all needed, competition in the junk world! This can be a real problem for those of us who turn around "junk" and transform our finds into desirable "antiques" and "collectibles'. Believe me, a lot of stuff that you see in a shop came from places you don't even want to know about. Some dealers in fact are hard core scavengers making regular trips to dumps, trash centers and their neighborhood curbs.

Soft Junking
I am what I might call a "soft junker", I'm not apt to go dumpster diving yet, but I do head for the basement or garage at a tag sale, because that is where the funky junk I like is likely to be found.

Hard Core Junking For Real Collectors
Hard core junkers are known to get "Down n Dirty". These are more risky junkers.

Regular small time junkers (like me) know the drill, going to tag sales, flea markets, off the beaten path shops etc
But if you want to step up your junking habits you need to get past the obvious places to hunt for "junk" and begin expanding your junking turf.

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  1. Very informative, thankyou! I think there is a bit of me in all those categories!I dont tend to look much further than my backyard these days, I have so much!

  2. is a great blog with lots of information for junk addicts. meet her and other vendors at The Vintage Bazaar, Feb. 27th, 12-5pm, 4740 N. Western, Chicago.

  3. Thanks Diana....looks like a great site, Dianne