Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Using Vintage Tablecloth Cutters To Make Colorful Pennant Banners

Charm Any Room With Vintage Tablecloth Pennants Banners

Some people cringe when they see colorful vintage tablecloths up-cycled into other stuff. But as Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams tells me, her fabulous handmade Pennant Banners
are made from tablecloth "cutters".

What Are Cutters?

For those of you new to the world of re-purposing lingo, "cutters' are damaged tablecloths that
crafters and others use for sewing projects. Often "cutters' have big holes or stains making them hard to sell as a collectible tablecloths.
But these dry goods still have value to creative gals (and guys) who are constantly coming up with new ideas on how to salvage the best parts of these textiles. You can buy "cutters' on Etsy, eBay and from dealers who buy lots of tablecloths.

Cutting Tablecloth Remnants Into Triangles

Becky cuts old tablecloths that she cant sell, into triangles and forms Pennant banners that are simply darling. You can use several compatible tablecloths for this project. I asked Becky to explain to me how she goes about this wonderful vintage sewing project. Here is what I learned. It sounds quite simple.

Ten Easy Steps to Making A Pennant Banner Using Vintage Tablecloth Cutters

Step One: Preparing The Triangles
1. Make a triangle template out of cardboard. (7 1/2" x 9 ").
2. Cut out 11 triangles from the patterned cutter tablecloth or other fabric.
3. Cut out 11 triangles of solid triangles for the backing of the triangles.
4. Cut out 11 triangles of Pellon fabric to sandwich between the two triangles (the patterned and the solid piece)

Step Two: Joining The Triangles Together
5. Place and pin the three triangles pieces together printed (tablecloth), Pellon, solid fabric and iron. You are making a sandwich.

Step Three: Sewing
6. Sew the three pieces together 1/4 margin.

Step Four: Trim Edge With Scalloped Edge
7. Trim the edge of the triangles with a scalloped edge shear.

Step Five: Add Bias Tape
8. Using a 9 foot package of double fold bias tape, lay down triangles with 6/8 " spacing and fold over bias tape for making the banner. Pin the triangles as you place them.

9. Leave about 20" of tape on ends for banner ties.

Hang Your Banner
10. Hang banner in kitchen, nursery, porch etc.

Buying The Banners Already Made

Becky loves to make these handmade banners, so you can buy them already made from her at Etsy shop Sweet Cottage Dreams or make them yourself. (See instructions above).

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  1. This is a beautiful idea. I was given a set of casual napkins, once, that were just cut into 8" squares. In fact the fraying made the even more charming. So simple and so unique.


  2. Hi Diane! I've been working long hours the past few days and am just now getting to some blogging. Thank you so very much for the wonderful post about the pennants. They really are fun to make and on a scale from 1-10 in difficulty - about a 3.

    Have a lovely day!

  3. so happy to have found my way here via 'Sweet Cottage Dreams' a collector of everything vintage I love your blog and shall now be following for sure! I've been sharing a few of my items on my blog, stop by to see a few of my goodies if you like.

  4. Hi Diane! I came over from Becky's site. I will be back to visit often!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Love everything she does! She told me about your blog....remember me? Penny from Lavender Hill featured alot of my pieces in your Hot Cottage Collectibles!

  6. Hi Penny..... I haven't gotten around to telling you this yet...but I just did an article for a magazine about your stuff. Although the magazine Collector News) is hard copy. Here is the link for the PDF of the article

    I am going to write to you...maybe I can do more articles with new photos?


  7. Hello Diane, I am so excited to see your blog. It is just the stuff that I love! I have been a long time fan of Becky's. I have your giveaway posted on my side bar.... Keeping my fingers crossed! :)


  8. This is beautiful! I've added a link to my Squidoo article: Thanks so much!