Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paging Dr. Freud: Are You A Neurotic Collector?

There is Nothing More Pleasurable Than Seeing A Sign For A Tag Sale

Are you a neurotic collector or simply just a pleasure seeker who junks for fun?
Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of the "The Pleasure Principle", the drive to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Certainly there is nothing more pleasurable and "thrilling" than seeing a sign for a tag sale!
What Does The Kitchen Shrink Have To Say?
As the Kitschy Collector aka The Kitchen Shrink will tell you, for most people hunting for collectibles is not an addiction but rather a healthy hobby which offers a pleasant distraction from the usual stresses and worries of daily life.

How The Word "Estate Sale" Affects The Brain'
For many loyal "junk" seekers, nothing gets the adrenalin going faster than reading an advertisement for an upcoming SALE which promises to offer the contents of "GRANDMA'S ATTIC". Reading a classified with these words is enough to send any collector straight out the door. Another highly catchy phrase is "ESTATE SALE", which also sends powerful "neuro-chemicals" to the pleasure seeking brain!

So are you a neurotic collector

or just a happy hobbyist?

Do you worry about whether your collecting habits are within normal limits?

The Kitchen Shrink would answer this way.....hobbyists enjoy what they collect and feel happy when they go out antiquing. Serious stuffers, on the other hand .....who are buried under an avalanche of crap and can't find their telephone....may need a consultation with Dr Drew Pinsky!

Freud art work by Jon Squire of Jon Art, Canton, Connecticut

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