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Decorating Your Retro Kitchen With Yellow Kitchen Housewares And Collectibles

Yellow Kitchen Kitsch For Retro Style Homes

Yellow kitchen kitsch is favored by many collectors of vintage and retro kitchen collectibles.
While red and white kitchen collectibles get scooped up very quickly, "yellow" is also a hot color. Yellow is known as a primary color and was quite popular in 1940s and 1950s kitchens. Often dubbed The Colorful decades yellow was a common color for kitchen cabinets, counter tops appliances and kitchen sets. With yellow as the foundation color in Postwar kitchens, manufacturers produced coordinated housewares and decor.

Retro Housewives Love Yellow Because It Is A Cheerful And Sunny

Cheerful and sunny, yellow is a perfect color to make any retro housewife happy and content. You will find plenty of yellow vintage kitchenwares available because it has always been a best seller.

What Are
Kitchen Collectors Buying?

Collectors look for glassware, mixing bowls, canisters, bread boxes yellow handled kitchen tools, vases, pitchers, dish towels, doilies, salt aad pepper shakers, tablecloths etc.

Different Kinds Of Yellow

It's great to try to keep in the same color family of yellow.

There are many different kinds of yellow, such as buttery yellow, sunflower lemon, lemon yellow etc. Deeper yellows look great in retro kitchens, while pale yellows work well in Cottage style kitchens, especially mixed with aqua.

Pairing Other Colors With Yellow Collectibles

Yellow is an easy color to pair with other colors. It's almost like a neutral. You can have so much fun adding other colors to a primarily yellow palette. I adore yellow and black housewares. Another fab combo is yellow and green. In these photos, a yellow checked tablecloth is used and is just darling. Yellow and white offer a country crisp feeling and gingham creates a warm and cozy setting.

Photos are the courtesy of Retro Revival on Etsy.

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