Friday, February 26, 2010

Nuts About Collecting Vintage Party Nut Cups

Do You Remember Party Nut Cups ?

Today everyone is understandably nuts about nuts. Everywhere you go there are warning signs
"NUTS" maybe here or there or some where. And of course I am talking about food and not people!
You hardly ever see warning signs about people who qualify as Wing Nuts.

Food May Contain Nuts Or Be Mad
e By Nuts

Yesterday, while visiting my favorite off the beaten path eatery "The Foothills Delery" I spotted a sign that read "Food may contain nuts or be made by nuts".

Why Didn't Nut Cups Have Nuts ?

When I got home I started to think about "nuts". Vintage nuts in fact. Remember growing up and have birthday parties with "nut cups"? Yes some people called them
candy cups, but they were really nut cups.

Good Stuff in Nut Cups

But retro moms of the 1950's didn't actually put nuts in the nut cups. At least not in my neighborhood. They put good kid stuff in the nut cups, such as Hershey Kisses or M and M's.

Being A Perfect Retro Mom

No 50's mom would be foolish enough to put nuts in a nut cup. What kid wanted nuts and not candy. Than sadly all of us Retro kids grew up and now we are told that nuts are a great snack food . Goodbye chocolate ....hello nuts.

Pink Grapefruit S
tyle Loves A Retro Party

But just when health nuts are touting nuts, gone are the "nut cups" except on Etsy and other online sites. Pink Grapefruit Style, a great shop on Etsy loves children's birthday party stuff. She has had her share of collectible nut cups, birthday candles, party goods, party favors etc..

Nut cups were actually party favors that the guest got to take home. These small "cups' could dbe made of ruffled crepe paper or handled plastic baskets. In the 1950s, pastel colors were popular and you will see man of these nut cups in
pink, yellow, light blue, white.

Boy did seeing these wonderful retro nut cups bring back fond memories. It's enough to get me to blind fold myself and play Pin The Tail On the Donkey!

Photos Courtesy of Pink Grape Fruit Style

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    I was so excited to find your blog. I have spent so much time here just enjoying all your wonderful tips, collections, pictures...oh my gosh just about everything!
    I love everything retro and your blog is like a walk down memory lane. Thanks for all the great inspirations. I will be back often.
    PS I had completely forgotten about those sweet nut cups. My mom always used them ... from baby showers to us kids birthday parties and yes ours had candy in too!

  2. Love the nut cups. I always pick them up if I find them...just got a punch of nut cups at a sale this weekend - original unopened packs and feature a sorta groovy Smokey the Bear. Not big on Smokey, but the cups are a great color!

  3. Hi Dianne!

    I just came across your blog as I was searching for "nut/souffle cups" online. I've been searching for colored cups, but have had lots of difficulty finding some. I even e-mailed Better Homes and Garden because they had featured a "summer cupcake" and it was in a really cute hot pink cup, but to no luck they do not know where the liners had come from. Could you let me know where I could get some non-white cups?? Thanks so much!

    My e-mail is:

    Thanks for your help!

    -Miri Shin-