Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tips When Looking at Nursing Homes For Mom or Dad Even When You Are Not Looking For One

I Never Wanted dad In A Nursing Home....But He is There. 

Well I finally got to the point where dad has been transitioned to a Nursing home. I cried the entire weekend he was admitted, but I gotta tell you..he's doing better with other people around.

He was taken to the Nursing home directly from a near by hospital ER after he fell and banged up his face pretty badly. The decision was made at that point to have him in a long term facility because he was falling too much at home.

 I had already looked into Nursing homes a fews years back and had a heads up on the selection process and was lucky that one of my top choices had an available bed.

6 Tips When Looking at Nursing Homes For Mom or Dad 

1. Even if you think your loved one will not be going to a Nursing home, I would still go visit Nursing homes and become familiar with ones in your area.

2. Choose the best Nursing home which is closest to your home or work, so you can conveniently visit.

3. Fill out applications and have on file, because it's often tough to get into a better Nursing home,

4. Stop agonizing about placing your mom or dad "in a home", if you choose wisely you may actually be improving their quality of life.

5. Don't assume you know whether mom or dad would like a single or double room if given the choice. Sometimes older people want a roommate because they are frightened to be alone or they want company.

6. Even if mom or dad did not eat or engage in activities at home, they are apt to behave very differently in a new setting. The bottom line, is as well as we think we know our loved ones, you will find out that there are a lot of  unexpected and positive changes that may happen.

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  1. It can be a lifesaver as long as we still advocate for them- SO glad he is socializing, my dad didnt acclimate very well as he was antisocial.
    Mom on the otherhand is so much calmer.